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Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World, Old Klang Road

by Bangsar Babe

I first visited Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World in August 2022 and menu looked quite promising. Jien and I went on a day they were doing stock count so there wasn’t space to dine inside the shop, which is also a Thai sundry shop.



Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World is also a Thai sundry shop

The folks at Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World kindly offered us a space by the sidewalk (which we didn’t mind) since it was raining. We shared a portion of Tom Kha Gai with rice (RM16.90), Thai green curry chicken with rice (RM16.90) and Ne.Nenebubu seafood tomyum noodle (RM18.90).


Food during our first visit. Pretty good!


Tom Kha Gai


Thick, creamy and packed with flavour

I found the tom kha gai quite tasty – rather thick and creamy with a layer of red oil which I assume comes from chilli paste. Flavours are richer and stronger compared to the average tom kha gai, which tends to be more soupy. This one feels almost like a stew. Good stuff.


Green curry chicken

We also enjoyed the green curry chicken; creamy but not as spicy as one would expect for a green curry. Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World isn’t stingy with the use of Thai basil so the curry gets plenty of sweetness and aroma from the leaves.


Ne.Nenebubu seafood tomyum noodle

Ne.Nenebubu’s seafood tomyum noodle comes with a whole chargrilled prawn, squid flowers, lala and pork patty. The broth is spicy, savoury and tangy – quite refreshing and definitely very suited for the rainy weather we experienced.


Thai milk tea

The Thai milk tea (RM8) boasts plenty of tea flavour and creaminess from the use of evaporated milk. This is one of the better Thai milk teas I’ve had in KL so far. Since we didn’t get to try the other dishes, Jien and I made another visit to Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World a few weeks later.


Thai braised pork leg rice

While our first visit had us singing praises about the food, our second experience was more disappointing. We ordered different dishes second time around – Thai-style chicken chop with mango salad (RM17.90), Thai braised pork leg rice (RM16.90) and Thai classic chili flake tomyum noodle (RM16.90).


Quite tasty, but I prefer the gravy darker and thicker.

The Thai braised pork leg was cooked till tender, but I find the seasoning (braising liquid) quite diluted. I was expecting it to be darker in colour and thicker, but Ne.Nenebubu’s version is lighter but still tasty.


Thai style chicken chop with mango salad


Less impressive was the Thai style chicken chop with mango salad as it lacked oomph. We were expecting the mango salad to be spicier and tangier, but what we got was pretty mild. Portion is pretty good as you get a whole fried chicken leg, but taste wise, not my cup of tea.


Thai classic chili flake tomyum noodle

Compared to the seafood tomyum noodle we had during our first visit, the Thai classic chili flake tomyum noodle missed the mark. The broth lacked depth in flavour and tasted mostly of chilli flakes and vinegar. I suggest you stick to the seafood tomyum noodle.


Overall, I find flavours quite tapered down – presumably to suit the locals. Service is friendly and pleasant, which adds to the charm of this place. We’d only return for the tom kha gai and seafood tom yum noodle. That said, if you’re in the area, it’s still worth a shot. Who knows, you might enjoy Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World more than we did!

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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 5.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Try the tom kha gai and seafood tomyam noodles.


Ne.Nenebubu TomYum World
15, Jalan 2/137B,
Resource Industrial Centre,
Off OKR, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016-494 3497
Business hours: 11.30am till 9pm
(closed Sunday)

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