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Miyabi, Sheraton Petaling Jaya

by Bangsar Babe

With a new chef on board, Miyabi is now open for omakase – an option for customers who enjoy “leaving things up to the chef”. It also showcases the chef’s ability to customise and adapt to individuals while allowing their personal style to come through ever so slightly.


Sake (not part of the omakase)



Priced at RM288 nett for lunch and RM328 nett for dinner, Miyabi’s omakase offering is possible one of the more value-for-money options in town at the moment. Chef Yanagida started us off with some appetisers before placing a sashimi platter comprising garoupa and tuna belly for us to enjoy.


Sashimi platter


Clear broth with tiger prawns

Dinner progressed with a clear broth sweetened with tiger prawns and then some king prawn tempura that boasts crisp, wispy batter and creamy roe from the prawn head. Soon after that, our sushi course began.


King prawn tempura


Red snapper

Chef Yanagida preps each sushi using carefully sliced fish, brushed with a layer of special soy sauce for finesse. He uses the red snapper flesh that is closest to the bone because it is sweeter in flavour. The kampachi sushi was almost crunchy at Miyabi, because we dined the day the fish and seafood shipment arrived.




Scallop & sea urchin

Scallop with sea urchin is one of my favourite combinations when it comes to handmade sushi because there’s something about the fattiness of the uni and the creamy sweetness of the scallop that works magic in one’s mouth.


Kawa toro

We also learnt something new that night, from Chef Yanagida – kawa toro. It’s the layer underneath the skin of the tuna belly, which is the fattiest and richest cut of the fish. The chef sliced specifically that part for us and according to him, it’s not an easy part to prepare due to the thinness of the surface.


Flounder fin


Salmon with radish


Negi toro handroll

Flounder fin sushi is coated with sweet soy to accentuate the fattiness of the fish. It has a cod-like texture, but even creamier. And because I was greedy, the chef prepped me a negi tori handroll which is filled with plenty of minced raw tuna.


Barramundi teppan-style


Kagoshima Wagyu

The barramundi teppan style is cooked with plenty of butter so there’s a nice richness to the overall flavour of this dish. It’s also cooked just right so the fish is still tender and juicy. The kagoshima wagyu (karubi loin) is served on a hot stone so it’s best to enjoy it quick to prevent the meat from overcooking.


Melts in the mouth


Strawberry custard

Dessert is a simple strawberry custard, which pairs nicely with a glass of Yamazaki 15. My overall experience at Miyabi is pleasant – cuts are generous and pricing is reasonable. I’ll definitely keep this in when I crave omakase next!

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Sheraton Petaling Jaya
Level 3A,
Lorong Utara C,
46200 Selangor.
Tel: 03-7622 8888
Business hours: 12noon till 2.30pm, 6.30pm till 10.30pm

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