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Things To Eat in Avenue K: Part 2

by Bangsar Babe

As part of the Gastronomic Journey 2.0 campaign, I’ve been exploring the F&B offerings at Avenue K Shopping Mall to find ten food outlets you should explore when you’re in this shopping mall. It’s been a fun experience going around the mall and trying highlight dishes from respective outlets.

I like how there’s a good balance between affordable meals and also places to splurge, so there’s something for everyone. Here’s my next five picks for places to eat in Avenue K!


Café La Bella

Café La Bella’s food is a combination of Italian and Mediterranean influences where casseroles and skillets are a feature. They also serve good coffee and the juices are freshly cold-pressed so flavours are fresher.


Latte & Banana Smoothie


Tomato & Olive Chicken


Bolognasia Spaghetti


The tomato and olive chicken casserole reminds me of my time in Paris – tender chicken pieces in gravy sweetened with onions, with a choice of fresh baguette slices or rice on the side. They also serve pasta using handmade noodles so there’s more bite in each mouthful. Cafe La Bella will be introducing this new menu in mid-August so do keep an eye out for it. ;)




Rocher & Tiramisu Gelato


Belgian gelato

What excites me about this place is the fact that they have Jersey Jack Gelato in-house. The gelato (RM10 per scoop) is made using milk from imported Jersey cows in Australia and comes in more than 60 flavours. I highly recommend the Rocher and Pistachio, both of which Jersey Jack does very well.

Café La Bella
Level 2, Avenue K Shopping Mall


Food Junction


Black Pepper Sauce Chicken with Rice


Tangkak Beef Noodles

Featuring a mix of local and international cuisine, Food Junction in Avenue K houses some of my favourite food stalls – like Tangkak Beef Noodles. The place is spacious and brightly lit, with a good amount of stalls to pick from.




I was pretty impressed with R.A.W Juicery + Eatery, where you’ll find clean eats that are both flavour packed and hearty. They also offer cold pressed juices at reasonable prices. Definitely an option to consider if you want something healthy.

Food Junction
Level 2, Avenue K Shopping Mall




Urbean is located on the concourse area of Avenue K – a spot I used to go to when I have meetings in the area. Coffee is decent and the place is great for catching up on work or simply, to people watch. They have since introduced new items on the menu, like the seafood pasta (RM24.90) and Quinoa Vege Big Breakfast (RM23


Seafood Pasta


Mexican Superfood Salad

I like the Mexican Superfood Salad (RM23) – a hearty dish of quinoa with spiced black beans, peas, cucumber, tomato salsa and a sunny side up. Portions are generous at Urbean so you’ll definitely be satisfied. They also make decent coffee so you can opt to sit in and savour your cuppa, or grab one on the go.


Concourse, Avenue K Shoping Mall


Black Bull


I’ve walked past Black Bull several times and always pegged it as a bar but it is actually a restaurant, lounge and bar in one. The area is large enough to host events and private functions, while the kitchen is fully equipped to serve you main courses like rack of lamb, fish & chips and ribeye steak.


Grilled Lamb Rack


Beer is available on tap or in bottles, and those who want something different can opt for their cocktails. I say skip the cocktails and guzzle down some ice-cold beer!

Black Bull
Level 3, Avenue K Shopping Mall


Salad Atelier



I’m not much of a salad person because greens don’t sustain me enough, so I thought. At Salad Atelier, you get to customise a Monster Salad (RM24) which will keep you full and energised. A portion of Monster Salad gives you 1 base, 6 mains, 2 supplementary and 1 prime.


Monster Salad



All-In Smoothie

Think of it as a very large and hearty bowl of salad with all the works – egg, chicken, beef, avocados…basically all your favourite things to eat in a bowl. It definitely kept me full and pumped up for my workout session later that day. Supplement your salad with an All-In Smoothie (RM12), to keep energy levels high.


Salad Atelier
Level 2, Avenue K Shopping Mall

It’s been a fun gastronomic journey exploring the F&B outlets in Avenue K Shopping Mall over the last few weeks. From healthy food options to indulgent ones, I’m pleased to say – you’re in for an adventure.

Don’t forget to take part in Gastronomic Journey 2.0 and who knows, you might just win yourself a shopping spree worth RM300 or a 3-months baking class at Sugarcraft Academy worth RM3550! There’s also an AK Food Slam Challenge happening every Friday from 27th July till 24th August. Who’s game to join me?

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