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Afternoon Tea with Stephen Twining

by Bangsar Babe

I started appreciating tea about 3 years ago – right about the time I discovered Peppermint Tea and how refreshing it tasted. Since then, I’ve opened up to an assortment of flavours like the popular English Breakfast, Darjeeling and Earl Grey. Twinings recently launched 8 new additions to their portfolio of teas and I was invited to join Stephen Twining for afternoon tea where he shared about the right tea etiquette and history of Twinings.


8 new flavours



Stephen, sharing with us the effort and level of dedication that goes into each bag of tea

Stephen showed us how a perfect cup of tea is prepared – from water temperature right down to the quantity of leaves (bag in vs bag out), and it was enlightening to know since I dislike being “wrong” when it comes to tea etiquette.


Tea Etiquette

Twinings Tea has been around for 310 years and their years of blending skills brings out the flavour and scent of the tea. Each blend echoes the expertise of Twinings’ Master Blenders – where the individual variants boast a captivating aroma and unique flavour.


Golden Caramel Rooibos


Tasting session

My tea session with Twinings comprised a tasting of their 8 newly launched flavours; London Strand Earl Grey, Golden Tipped English Breakfast, Two-Seasons Darjeeling, Rose Garden Black Tea, Pure Sencha Green Tea, Budding Meadow Camomile, Medley of Mint and Golden Caramel Rooibos. Based on the selection above, it’s obvious which tea I liked best already.

Yes, I’m biased like that. ;)


My personal pick — Medley of Mint

The Medley of Mint was not only refreshing, but nicely balanced. I’ve tasted mint teas that tasted like mouth wash (rather unpleasant honestly) and this wasn’t the case. Very light and floral, and easy to drink.


Afternoon tea


Though the Two-Seasons Darjeeling didn’t leave much of an impression at first sip, this grew on me as I drank progressively. If you like your tea moderately strong, this would be the right one for you. I liked how it starts with a strong flavour and “blooms” into floral notes towards the end.


Two-Seasons Darjeeling


Pure Sencha Green Tea

I usually drink Earl Grey when I’m with older company – to be perceived as more put together. So this isn’t a tea I would usually pick when I’m out for a tea with my girlfriends. That said, Twinings’ London Strand Earl Grey came with a twist. It had a citrus scent which I soon learnt comes from a blend of lemon peels.


Budding Meadow Chamomile

Budding Meadow Chamomile has a sweet note which I rather enjoyed. This would be a great pick for those who wants a dose of zen. There’s something soothing about this tea – one that whisks you into green meadows with every sip. Of course, if you’re in a foul mood when drinking this, you won’t see meadows but you’ll definitely feel calmer.


Tea with Stephen Twining

Stephen also shared how one should never dunk their teabags repeatedly in hot water, because it wouldn’t further enhance the flavour of the tea or extract more flavour from the teabag. I think this is an act I’m guilty of doing – the Chinese in me would dunk and dunk until “everything comes out” hahaha! :P



With the lovely ladies — Amber, Angeline & Daphne

Twinings’ Large-Leaf Discovery Collection can be found at major supermarkets including Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer and Hock Choon Jalan Ampang. For more information on Twinings, visit www.twiningsmoment.com/malaysia.

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