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No Monkeying Around with Chinese New Year Styles

by Bangsar Babe

By fashion writer: Wei Ni Lee

After all of Christmas & New Year’s hustle and bustle, there ain’t no time to rest for those who celebrate the Lunar New Year. It’s a huge red affair with delicious food and a festive get together of all your family members you haven’t seen in forever!

To help kick start your Lunar New Year style, I’ve put together 5 looks you’ll love this festive season!


Bold in Red


Cheongsam from Mori Pin, Clutch from Dazz, Lip colour from Estee Lauder & Nail Polishes from Essie & OPI.

When it comes to the Lunar New Year, there are two things you can’t escape from: a good cheongsam and the colour red. This stunning cheongsam takes on a fresh modern vibe with sheer mesh panels across the collarbones with delicately placed flowers.


Pair this look with a shimmery silver clutch for a chic vibe. Opt to paint your nails in soft shades of pink to soften your look.



Linen & Roses


Cheongsam from Mori Pin, Clutch from Dazz, Make Up from Benefit Cosmetics & Sunglasses from OWL.

Breathe easy with a lightweight cotton-linen cheongsam printed with deep red floral elements all over. Wear it with a soft pink flush or a deep red glow with these tints and balms from Benefit Cosmetics.


Keep the palette beautifully neutral with a muted gunmetal grey clutch and sunnies to block out the harsh sunlight that makes its appearance during this time of the year.


Cheongsam Chic


Cheongsam from Mori Pin, Clutch from Dazz, Make Up from Estee Lauder & Guerlain.

Look simply sophisticated in this satin finish white-based cheongsam with dainty watercolour details. Bring on the shine with a glossy red clutch and a statement gold hold to keep all you need.


Don’t forget the chic shimmer across the cheek & ruby red lips to complete the look. You can’t go wrong with hints of red!


Right on Red Romper


Romper from Peep, Clutch & Bracelets from Dazz.

Rock this stunning crochet romper with double edgy cutout pockets on the front. A refreshing take to a cheongsam, and perfect for those looking to take a break from skirts or dresses.


Go edgier with a black & gold clutch and an armful of mixed metals arm-candy. Show off the beautiful crochet details on this romper by keeping the accessories from the neck up minimal.


Slay it in Lace


Lace Dress & Necklace from Peep, Clutch from Dazz.

The 5th day of the Lunar New Year this year coincides with Valentine’s Day! I find this dress is a great double duty option. Whether you opt to wear this cutout lace mini dress in black or red, they’re both equally perfect for Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day. Maybe the red version is just a little better for visiting relatives; you never know which one might be extra fussy when you’re wearing black. ;)


If you would like to wear this dress for daytime, simply throw on a pair of flared midi skirt for a relaxed vibe, this fitted dress works perfectly as a top. Complete your look with a choker necklace & gold clutch.


When it comes to the Lunar New Year, you can never go wrong with the shade of red. For an extra festive vibe, details of lace and crochet add a delicate touch to your entire look.

Let us know in the comment below, which of these looks are your favourite? :)

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