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Nuevo Estilo by Lyndarahim Kuala Lumpur

by Bangsar Babe

By Fashion Writer: Wei Ni Lee

As a teenager, I’ve always had a clear vision in my head as to how my wedding gown would look like should I ever decide to take the plunge and let someone put a ring on me. But that doesn’t mean that I do not appreciate checking out stunning bridal collections, in fact I have a very unhealthy obsession for them.

Regularly passing by SS2’s selection of bridal boutiques does absolutely nothing to curb my obsession. It is because of this obsession that I jumped on to the chance to attend Lyndarahim’s Nuevo Estilo Bridal Collection at Melur & Thyme.

Lynda 1a

Lynda 1b

Bridesmaids’ design: Layla

Using a generous amount of heavy crepe, silk organzas, silk chiffon & delicate laces, Nuevo Estilo by Lyndarahim KL shows off the modern adaptations of kurung Pahang’s silhouette.

Lynda 2a

Lynda 2b

Bridesmaids’ design: Isabella

The use of rich shades of emerald, amethyst and sapphire creates a luxurious & autumnal vibe to the entire collection.

Lynda 3a

Bridesmaids’ design: Kennedy

Lynda 4a

Bridesmaids’ design: Evelyn

The bridesmaids collection is so expertly thought out that each piece is aesthetically pleasing with a simple silhouette yet comfortable enough to be a stunning formal wear or re-styled into smart-casual pieces.

The bridal collection features a stunning 10 non-stereotypical designs ranging from traditional contemporary to modern silhouettes. This collection symbolizes Lyndarahim’s journey over the years.

Lynda 5a

Lynda 5b

Her journey manifested in the inspiration of the changing of seasons with use of Spring’s roses structured from silk & Autumn’s leaves in warm hues.

Lynda 6a

Lynda 6b

Gorgeously embellished with crystal, these bridal designs are crafted & inspired by the sun’s golden rays, which are beautifully captured & reflected in each crystal.

Lynda 7a

Pockets in your wedding gown? Yes, please!

Lynda 7b

The attention to detail & stunning representation of this bridal collection is pure pleasure to the eye.

Lynda 8a

Lynda 8b

My favourite gown & model

The delicate full lace sleeves with crystal embellishment create a demure vibe, coupled perfectly with a short train & bold bow.

Lynda 9a

If you’re looking for a collection with simple silhouettes but a bold attention to detail, Nuevo Estilo by Lyndarahim KL might be the one for you. More information on this collection now on their website & Facebook Page.

Lynda 9b

Which of these bridal gowns or bridesmaid gowns are your favourite? :)

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