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Pandora Autumn Collection 2015

by Bangsar Babe

By Fashion Writer: Wei Ni Lee

In our fast paced technology driven world, we rarely have the time to sit down with a book of photographs to reminisce, to laugh over the good times and to laugh even at the bad ones.

A classic charm bracelet will ensure that your memories stay with you wherever you may go. A tedious commute to work on the LRT can be enlivened with a memory you spent in Paris waiting for the Metro with someone special. Jittery feelings on having to give a major presentation can be won over by reliving a memory of a funny story you were telling your best bud.

Charms whether received as gifts or handpicked by you all have a special meaning to the wearer. Each emotion & memory attached to it holds a completely individual & vivid story.

In Pandora’s Autumn Collection, you will find pieces inspired by the falling autumn leaves and the beauty of nature, giving you a sense of fairytale & wonder.

Pandora 1

Pandora 2

These pieces are perfect for our hectic lives, reminding us that nature is all around and the importance to always make time to stop & smell the flowers.

Pandora 3

The attention to detail on this intricately crafted heart shaped wings has got my heart all a flutter.

Pandora 4

Pandora 5

Their use of green, purple, blue & pink in their stones capture perfectly the essence of Autumn’s falling leaves.

Pandora 6

These delicate bracelets are perfect for my abnormally skinny wrists

Pandora 7

Perfectly paired up rings, bracelets & charms by Pandora

Pandora 8

Perfectly paired up rings, bracelets & charms by Pandora

Pandora 9

Pandora 11

Thank you Pandora for having me at your exclusive media preview

Create your Unforgettable Memories with 74 brand new designs at all Pandora stores this 27th August 2015. More information available on their website & Facebook Page.

Which of these pieces from Pandora’s Autumn Collection will you be picking up? :)

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