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Jiufen, Yehliu & Shifen, Taiwan

by Bangsar Babe

During our first day out of Taipei, our guide Jericho took us to see the Nanya Rock Formation located at the south of Jinguashi. The view was amazing, like how you would see it in National Geographic where the eroded coastline comprises rocks of different shapes and sizes, formed by hydraulic action.


Nanya Rock Formation


Climbing up was no easy feat!

Climbing to the top was a challenge, especially since I was wearing a skirt. If you’re planning to go here, I would recommend wearing jeans or shorts, and a good pair of shoes. High heels are a big no no at this attraction.


Yehliu Geopark


Another popular rock formation spot


The Queen’s Head, which looks like a silhouette of Nefertiti!

We also drove to Yehliu to see the “Queen’s Head”, a very popular rock formation and one that commanded the longest queue for photo opportunity. Jericho took us to lunch at Jiufen Old Street, before we explored the area for some Taiwanese snacks like taro balls, fried items and specialty cookies.


Taiwan in May 2014

Looking back at the pictures, I just realised how much weight rif has lost (by watching what he eats and exercising) since our Taiwan trip last May!


Shifen, for the lanterns!


Love the ambiance here


Snacks are readily available everywhere


Old school trains

Our last stop for the day was Shifen Old Street, for the sky lanterns and also to get an up-close look at how trains were in the early days. This was one of my favourite parts of our Taiwan trip as I loved the ambiance and how all the wishing lanterns decorate the sky.


The train approaches at intervals


A couple getting ready to release their lantern. I have no idea what their wish is. All I can read are the words “together” and “happy”.


Up and away!

You can purchase a lantern (if I remember correctly, it’s about RM40 for a large one) and paint your wishes onto the sides. The lantern handlers will then guide you to the train tracks for you to release you lit lantern into the sky.


My turn!


Shifen, Taiwan

I didn’t have time to head to Shifen when I was in Taipei just last month but if you’re visiting Taiwan, this is an attraction I would recommend. :)

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