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Jiufen, Yehliu & Shifen, Taiwan
April 7, 2015

Jiufen, Yehliu & Shifen, Taiwan

During our first day out of Taipei, our guide Jericho took us to see the Nanya Rock Formation located at the south of Jinguashi. The view was amazing, like how you would see it in National Geographic where the eroded coastline comprises rocks of different shapes and sizes, formed by hydraulic action. Climbing to the […]

Lao Wang Beef Noodles, Taipei

Lao Wang Beef Noodles, Taipei

For those with poor command of Mandarin (myself included), travelling to a country that uses Mandarin as their first language is a daunting thought. I had a rather tough time in China and not too long ago, Taiwan. The latter was actually more difficult because not many of the Taiwanese spoke English, and most of […]


If you follow my Facebook and/or Instagram, you would know that I’m on a vacation in Taiwan. rif has been wanting to go to Taiwan since 2 years ago and he finally convinced me to go early this year. To be honest, I don’t get why he wants to go to Taiwan when he can’t […]

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