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Was back at my parents the other night for dinner and my two sisters were not present at the dining table. Mum told me they went out window shopping, because their favourite departmental store was having a mega sale the next day. The two girls wanted to identify and “book” the clothes of their choice before making a dash to the payment counter the following morning.

I thought they were crazy but apparently, this is considered normal as even my mum does it. I haven’t done that (shopped in a departmental store/go crazy during sales) for years. I don’t need to since a lot of my apparel are sponsored. #feelingblessed The only time I make a dash for anything is when I’m late for work or need to use the loo badly. And maybe if there’s foie gras in the buffet line. :P

Here’s my latest OOTD update from Azorias:


Pastel lace overlay mermaid top


Mesh insert cap sleeved turtleneck blouse



Houndstooth tulip overlay skort



Ribbon strip puffed sleeve blouse


Open back cape tweed shift dress


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