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In life, we have all met some people who turned out to be a complete waste of time and effort. I’ve had my fair share of these people – from friends who simply refuse to get their act together and make something useful of their life to budding entrepreneurs who seek help in getting things up and running.

While I have more of less weeded out most of such people from my friend’s list, I still get plenty of requests to help via reviews on my blog. I try and help as many people as I can without compromising the Bangsar Babe brand values and ethics, but some of the experiences turned out very disappointing.

Like a potential ice cream entrepreneur whom I helped as best I could, right down to securing meetings with potential buyers and getting his ice cream placed at bazaars. The guy’s business grew and just as quickly, he forgot (and to a point snubbed) the person who helped him when he first started.

There were a few others along the way that did the same thing and I noticed one thing they have in common – most of them come from a finance or consulting background. An industry that lacks empathy, kindness and appreciation. At least that’s what I think after several bad experiences with such people.

Anyhow, here’s a fashion update from me. I’ve been digging a lot of pastel colours — it’s quite obvious in the photos below. ;)


Pink Pastel Top



Spring Breeze


Rainbow Chains


Watercolour Crochet (Blue)


Strappy Chiffon Top


Celeste Satin Top (Navy Blue)


Chrissy Cross Out Dress (Red)


Chrissy Cross Out Dress (side view)


Ariana Asymmetrical Dress

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