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Cupcakes on display

Cupcake to me is a combination of childhood and chic. Chic because it looks good and childhood because it reminds me of the mini cakes I would buy from the bread man when I was a kid. Until today, vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting remain my favourite. It has a nostalgic appeal for me – I love the experience of biting into one; sinking my teeth into the layer of icing and soft sponge centre.


Bisou’s range of cupcake, all creatively named

Bisou is known for its cupcakes. Or at least I knew of Bisou because of the cupcakes. Occasionally, I would takeaway few and have them with coffee. And I always ask for the same flavours – vanilla sky and dark secret. I’m a creature of habit by the way.


Pink lemonade and hazelnut latte


Big Breakfast (RM18) — Two organic eggs scrambled, mini sausage, crisp beef bacon, tomato, baked beans and toast

For those who can’t survive on cupcakes alone, savoury treats are also available at Bisou, ranging from all-day breakfast to hearty sandwiches and local delights. The big breakfast is fairly large, comprising two scrambled organic eggs, mini sausages, beef bacon, baked beans and toast with salted butter.


Soup of the day (RM10) — Broccoli


Thick and smooth

Many would cringe at the idea of having cream of broccoli soup but I love it. I grew up eating plenty of broccoli (often lightly blanched) so this was tasty. rif on the other hand, stayed away from this, so more for me.


Coronation Chicken and Mango Salad (RM22)


Paprika chicken, mango and curry creme fraiche

Instead, he went for the coronation chicken and mango salad — a tasty combination of paprika chicken, mango slices, greens and curry crème fraiche. I found this combination refreshing as the paprika and curry elements paired quite nicely.


Fried ham and cheese sandwich (RM22)


Turkey ham, jalapeno, cheese and bread, deep fried

I knew I had to try the fried ham and cheese sandwich the moment I spotted it on the menu. This was crisp on the outside with a gooey cheese centre – sinful stuff! If only there was an option to add on a sunny side up in the mix.


Shepherd’s Pie (RM15)


Minced lamb, vegetables, spices and mash


Mee Siam (RM16)


Spicy and lightly chewy

Shepherd’s pie is said to be a popular order at Bisou, made with savoury minced lamb, chunky mixed vegetables and mash. Diners who want local cuisine can opt for the nasi lemak, Mee Siam or curry laksa. The Mee Siam tasted more like fried vermicelli, and a spicy one at that. While this was decent, I wasn’t impressed.


Cupcake party!


Luxe cupcakes

Cupcakes (RM6 each) are Bisou’s forte and they do it well. I’ve been a customer for close to 5 years and quality has been fairly consistent. Ok fine, I can’t quite comment as I only ever eat the vanilla version. They recently came up with the luxe version (RM8 per cupcake) and these are more decadent and almost too pretty to eat.


Bisou’s Red Velvet


Moist, with just the right amount of cream

Cakes are also a popular treat here and while the red velvet cake (RM13 per slice) is popular, I like the Banoffee Pie – a dessert of bananas, caramel filling and coffee cream on a biscuit based crust – better. Try this when you’re at Bisou and you’ll know why. I’m generally not a fan of lemon meringue pie but rif rather enjoyed this; the balance of sweet and tangy was just right.


Lemon Meringue Pie


Banoffee Pie


Good stuff!

Bisou is currently having a Skinny Chocolate promotion, where they hand out complimentary slices of chocolate cake at a designated time, date and venue for the month of June. Follow their Facebook Page to find out more! This cake is low fat, low sugar and has no eggs or dairy – perfect for weight watchers. :)


The Skinny Chocolate


Less sugar. Less fat. No eggs. No dairy.

But I’ll be honest. As much as I love free cake (who doesn’t?), the skinny chocolate isn’t for me. I love my cake rich and buttery so the cupcakes are more my thing. But give it a try and see if you like it!


Flat White

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Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Still one of the better cupcakes around.


Lot F-30, 1st Floor,
Bangsar Village,
1 Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 3535

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