Home Fashion Fashion Updates: Peep Boutique #1

In November 2010, I started a small collaboration with Wei Ni of Peep Boutique, where she would sponsor outfits for my monthly food video blogs. Back then, I only had 500 Facebook fans and 30% of my blog traffic today. Still, she chose to give it a shot.

We’ve become friends ever since and she picks clothes that complement and fit me best. For work and play. While I am now blessed with several fashion sponsors, Peep Boutique remains my first fashion collaboration and one that stuck by me through times. Thank you Peep, for your vote of confidence! :)


Weekend ensemble: Top & skorts from Peep Boutique


Weekend ensemble: Cropped top and mini skirt from Peep Boutique


Work attire: Cardigan from Peep Boutique


Work attire: Peplum top from Peep Boutique


Casual Friday: Pink jacket with gold buttons from Peep Boutique

Peep Boutique will be moving to a new website (www.peepb.com). There will be a 15% discount for early subscribers so go register yourself as a “Peep Previewer” today!

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