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Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney was there I had my first koala and kangaroo encounter. These furry animals were made accessible to the public so I had my fair share of petting them. The wildlife park is about an hour away from Sydney CBD and you can get there via train and bus, or take a tour.


Managed a decent picture with the grumpy koala

Unlike the zoos I’ve visited before, the place is more open – kangaroos and wallabies are free to roam around selected areas of the park. You can buy kangaroo food ($1) from the vending machine nearby and feed them. I enjoyed that bit!


Kangaroo, up close!


And a very greedy kangaroo who grabbed the food I was trying to feed it!

The zoo was clean and animals were healthy and happy to be the centre of attention. I like how passionate the trainers were in talking about the animals and their way of life. Makes the experience an educational and enjoyable one.


“Hi there!”
“What do you want? Piss off!” :shock:




Scarlet Chested Parrot

We were there in July so the weather was chilly – a little too chilly for me to be honest. I’m not sure if the experience will be the same during summer when it’s hot and humid though.


Greater Bilby


Monitor lizards. Not a fan of reptiles so I didn’t stay long in that section…


Featherdale Wildlife Park

Find out more about Featherdale Wildlife Park here. This was part of the attractions under the iVenture card. Pretty good package, I reckon.

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Featherdale Wildlife Park
217 Kildare Rd,
Doonside NSW 2767,

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tc March 16, 2014 - 11:30 pm

are you sure that’s a greater bilby? Looks more like a wallaby…


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