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Hokkien Mee, a Penang favourite

Prawn mee was never something I enjoyed until of late when a friend got me hooked on finding the best there was out there. Prawn mee or better known as Penang Hokkien Mee is a dish of noodles in stock made from prawn heads, shrimp and pork ribs.


Classic Hokkien Mee

My recent prawn mee discovery was at this corner shop along Jalan Perak called Classic Coffeeshop, opposite the Padang Brown food court. The stall opens at 8am but it’s best to get there before 9.30am to avoid disappointment – my friend who recommended this place mentioned the noodles are sold out by then. For the uninitiated, only Hokkien Mee is served at this coffeeshop.


Pork slices, shrimp and fried shallots


Really good stuff

Depending on the crowd, expect to wait between 15-20 minutes for your turn. But the wait is worth it I tell you. The noodles were good stuff. Each bowl comes with pork slice, shrimp, fried shallot and a spoon of chilli paste.


Gloriously red broth, fully flavoured from the prawn heads

The broth was full of flavour and gloriously red from the prawn head and stock – very addictive! A small bowl cost RM4.50 and a large, RM5. Take my advice and order the large. It was so good that the stranger from the next table interrupted my moment and (obnoxiously) used his camera phone to snap a picture of my prawn mee. :roll:

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Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 8/10 (non halal)
Verdict: Best prawn mee I’ve eaten in Penang Island, thus far.


Classic Hokkien Mee
126, Jalan Perak
11600, Penang
Business hours: 8am to 10am (closed on Tuesday)

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