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“You’re free to make your own choices, but you’re not free to choose the consequences.”

As we grow older, we’re faced with the constant need to make choices. It can be as easy as which ice cream flavour to pick or what clothes to wear for work, to tougher ones like who you open your heart to. I’m most afraid of the last one because in past experiences, people tend to disappoint me especially when I least expect it.

But I also have a choice…to look away from the disappointments caused by others and focus on the choices I have in my closet. Here are some OOTDs from the past week:


Dress was a gift from my sister, heels from Asos and accessories from Mori Pin


Top from Peep Boutique, accessories and pants from Mori Pin


Knee length skirt with sides split from Peep Boutique


Top from Azorias


Heels from Agape


Dress and belt from Mori Pin

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