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Taken using my Samsung S4. The actual ones from Ken are much, much nicer!

As things start to slow down at work, I’m finding a bit of time to reflect and plan some goals for 2014. I also managed to find time over the weekend for a photoshoot and got some pretty good shots taken.


Goodies from Azorias and Neubodi

Leading up to Christmas, I picked up some really pretty dresses from Mori Pin and Peep Boutique. And my package from Azorias came just in time, along with some Neubodi goodies. Had dinner at the in-laws on the Eve and my parent’s on Christmas Day so right now, I feel like a stuffed turkey.


Woke up last weekend and decided to prepare breakfast


Flat white (the ugly one) and latte. Lazy barista pfftttt…!

These days, I have little tolerance for crappy coffee especially when the barista gets cocky or lazy. Was at Coffea Coffee in Bangsar a few days back and the outlet manager really ticked me off when he online casinos told me, “We don’t do coffee art for flat white”. Don”t bluff. The outlet at The Curve does.

If you’re lazy, just say so. Don’t attempt to “tai chi” the blame by saying it’s not a common practice for them. Doesn’t help that I’m paying RM11 for it and it was very mediocre. Should have gone to Artisan PJ13 instead wtf.

Enough of my whining. Here are some pictures of happenings this week. :)


Oceana Maxi Dress from Peep Boutique


Ordered a Choc Baileys Mousse from Caketella for my family Christmas dinner. Fabulous cake!


Scored a pack of MyKuali curry noodles. Not bad at all. :)


Church service on Christmas Day. Wore a backless chiffon dress from Mori Pin.


Prosecco to usher in Christmas


Jelly cake by sis in-law. So pretty but such a pain to make…


Lunch and coffee with Shum on Christmas Eve. Am wearing an electric blur chiffon tank top from Azorias. My gold cuff and necklace are from Mori Pin.


Flat white at EspressoLab Bangsar Shopping Centre

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