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I’ve been driving my current car for almost 5 years, and it is also the first car I bought. While I love the car, it’s about time to let her (yes, I decided it’s a she) go. Because local cars tend to have a shorter lifespan and after 5 years, many become problematic. Hopefully mine isn’t going to act up so soon as I take pretty good care of her.


Honda Jazz Hybrid

That said, I’ve been doing a bit of car browsing in 2012 — for rif’s car which was unfortunately stolen and he is now carless until June or July 2013 stupid robber. While looking around, I also thought about what car I would like to get next. Preferably a car that doesn’t guzzle petrol and it has to be red. :) I was thinking either the Honda Jazz Hybrid or Ford Fiesta. But I still have to work out my finances as I have yet to replace my stolen MacBook Pro and iPad 3.


Ford Fiesta

This was a scenario at a car showroom I visited recently:

Salesman: Hey! You’re Bangsar Babe right?
Me: Errrr…ya.
Salesman: Cool! I always read your blog. Big fan. :D
Me: So do I get more discounts on this car?
Salesman: Cannot la. This is the best price already.
Me: :(

Haiyo Lady Luck, why you no take my side??


By the way, my mother’s fruit enzyme is for sale, because a few of you emailed to ask for it. The enzyme is homemade with no preservatives. It helps with skin complexion, reduces pigmentation (after a few months of consumption) and promotes overall well-being. I’ve been taking it for 1.5 years and it has helped clear up my skin. Especially my back as when I’m terribly stressed, I get breakouts on the back.

It also helps with digestion. I take it first thing in the morning and despite its sour nature, I don’t get gastric; I’m very gastric prone. The enzyme is aged for 8 months and is rather concentrated. You will need to dilute it with water (and manuka honey for those who like their drinks sweet). My mother sometimes adds the enzyme into my vegetable juice to ‘oomph’ up the nutrients. And I love her for that. ;)

An 8-month aged bottle of fruit enzyme is RM120. Email [email protected] if you’re interested.

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