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Organic and chicken. Those two description makes me not want to eat bak kut teh. First of all, bak kut teh should come with plenty of pork ribs and three-layered pork belly. Substituting it with chicken is already bad…but making it organic? Even worse. Or so I thought.

But the organic chic kut teh at Country Farms Organic was actually pretty decent. I ordered it because my regular noodles were not available, and it was a pleasant surprise for me. While it’s nothing like the real deal, the soup was thick, herbal-ly and aromatic. You get to choose between brown rice mee hoon or mee suah to go with the chic kut teh. I chose mee suah.

Not bad at all…but the original pork bak kut teh still rocks. :)

*Previous visit HERE.

Organic Chic Kut Teh: 5.5/10 (Halal)
Verdict: A decent alternative to pork bak kut teh.

Country Farm Organics
Ground floor, Bangsar Village,
Bangsar Baru.
03-2284 2094

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