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The Fukushima nuclear emergency in Japan caused many countries to ban food imports from Japan due to radioactive contamination. To be honest, I am slightly worried about consuming Japanese food especially fishes and vegetables. When Frankie of Senjyu Sushi invited me for a food review, I wasn’t sure if I should agree.

Amuse bouche

Fresh wasabi

My skeptic views about the QC of our country remains, but I loosened up a little after reading this. To start, I had the Choya Umeshu (RM36), also known as the Japanese plum wine. This was sweet, pleasant tasting and appetite whetting. rif had the Mango Calpis Soda (RM10), and still mooched on my plum wine!

The Trio Oyster (RM45), which comprised live oyster sashimi, grilled oyster with codfish roe and simmered oyster in broth, tasted delicious. Each had varying tastes and textures, with my favourite being the live oyster sashimi.

Grilled oyster with codfish roe

Live oyster sashimi

Simmered oyster in broth

We both loved the Lobster Salad (RM22) – lively tasting with a burst of flavours from the lobster, vegetables and dressing. I let rif finish most of this, since I ate all the oysters (he’s not a fan).

Pretty to look at, good to eat

Salmom belly, salmon and yellowtail

Instead of the prized tuna belly, we had the salmon belly (RM14), salmon (RM12) and Hamachi/yellowtail (RM16). All were fresh and luscious, but I liked the salmon belly best.

The Carppacio Moriawase (RM22) was highly recommended. This platter of half-broiled salmon, tuna and butterfish was served with 5 types of sauces – shoyu, sake, layu, goma seed and ponzu. All sauces complemented the fishes well; this was one of my favourite dishes that night.

With sauces added

F….O….I….E…. G….R….A….S!!

Foie gras fans would delight in the generous serving of foie gras (RM30) at Senjyu. Lightly seared and drizzled with sweet sauce, this was aromatic, soft and buttery. The Shiro Maguro (RM2) and Ika (RM2) sushi paled in comparison to the dishes we had earlier.

Shiro Maguro & Ika Sushi

I’m not a fan of sushi with fruits, but the Fruity Maki (RM18) hit homerun with me. The combination of lobster salad, strawberry, mango, salmon roe, caviar and Japanese cucumber was both interesting and scrumptious. And colourful too!

Senjyu Sushi also serves a range of Wagyu dishes. rif and I tried the Wagyu Beef Shioyaki (RM48), which was cooked to a melt-in-the-mouth state.

Wagyu fat


I suspect Frankie has done a bit of research about me, as he got the “to show me love, feed me as often as possible” part right. The Kimchi Beef Udon (RM23) was ordered for me, just in case I still felt hungry. I wasn’t hungry (in fact, I was already stuffed) but I was plain greedy. Spicy and tummy warming, this was comfort food done well.

Om nom nom nom…

rif ordered the Pineapple Sorbet (RM14) for his dessert I decided to play safe and ordered the Macha Pudding with Ice Cream (RM10). If you’re someone who loves a tangy palate cleanser to counter the richness of a meal, the sorbet would be a good choice. My pudding was good, but a bit much after all the food I consumed earlier. rif helped me finish this. Overall, prices are somewhat affordable and the ambiance is ideal for group meals and dates. Thank you Frankie, for the kind invite and for taking the time to keep us company throughout the meal. The meal would not be possible without Senjyu’s head chef, Lucas — thank you!

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 6.5/10 (pork free)
Verdict: The menu is extensive and food is value-for-money. Definitely a place to consider if you’re craving affordable Japanese food.

Senjyu Sushi, [email protected],
Lot G2 & G3, Ground Floor,
Cineleisure Damansara
03-7727 9028
Website: https://www.senjyusushi.com.my/

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