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What should we eat today?”

“How about Italian?”

“Can also.”

“I don’t mind.”

This is a common problem among many people – not knowing where or what to eat. You may crave Thai food, but what if your other half wants Italian? At On The Table (OTT), one can indulge in a variety of cuisine from over the world. Lead by Executive Chef Riz Redz, On The Table is a contemporary world cuisine restaurant that aims to give customers a gourmet dining experience.

Chef Riz Redz

I was recently invited to the restaurant for a lunch review and sampled some of the dishes available. The ambiance was chic yet understated, with a display shelf of food items from all over the world.

Bora Corada

Cappuccino of Wild Mushrooms (RM23)

This creation comprised mixed wild mushrooms, shitake foam, eryngii crostini and white truffle oil. Decent, but the truffle oil’s scent and flavour wasn’t as pronounced as I like them to be.

Artisan Bread (RM32)

OTT Butter

All breads (Ciabatta, Rustico, Parisette roll, Korn Kaiser) were freshly baked and served warm, with OTT butter, balsamic octo-vin, white truffle cream cheese and basil pesto. The white truffle cream cheese was my favourite of the lot. Rich, pungent and smooth, I didn’t allow the floor staff to clear this until I was done with the last bit of cream cheese!

White Truffle Cream Cheese *swoon*

Pecal Abah (RM18)

Pecal Abah is a Sumatran dish, also known as gado gado. OTT’s Pecal Abah came with quail eggs, potato wedges, tempe, tofu, long beans, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and prawn crackers. Although thick, I thought the peanut gravy lacked oomph.

Fattoush Salad (RM18)

A refreshing dish of fresh vegetables, feta cheese, peppers, olives, lavash shards and lemon vinaigrette. Light, yet filling to eat.

Finishing touches


Tagliatelle Frutti Di Mare (RM48)

Of the three main courses I tried, I liked this best. The tomato-based gravy was fragrant and lightly tangy – it coated the tagliatelle nicely. The large prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels and clams were succulent and sweet.

5-Flavour Sea Bass (market price)

Crisply fried, the seabass was served on a bed of 5-flavour sauce and topped with mango kerabu. While the fish was well prepared, I thought the sauce and mango kerabu overpowered its delicate flavour. The others however, had a different opinion – they loved it.

Wagyu Ribeye (RM108)

Nicely seared with a beautiful rare centre, the ribeye came with a side mash potatoes and blanched vegetables. Seasoning was minimal, to enhance the natural flavour of the meat. Although the wagyu was said to have a marble score of 8, it tasted more of a marble score 5 to me. I couldn’t quite taste the marbling and the beef came off as under seasoned because of that.

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Crème Brulee (RM21)

The dark chocolate version was bittersweet with a smooth finish while the vanilla crème brulee got me scratching my head. It tasted slightly different and Chef Riz confirmed he added a secret ingredient into it. Since he wouldn’t reveal that ingredient to me, I concluded that he probably added a dash of lemon juice into it.

Panna Cotta (RM18)

This traditional Italian custard was given a twist with a layer of dragon fruit compote on top. Richly flavoured and perfectly wobbly, I enjoyed this.

Chocolate Fondant (RM18)

The chocolate fondant came with a scoop of hazelnut semifreddo. Semifreddo is an Italian dessert, which means “half cold”. It is served frozen, but due to its content of whipped egg whites and whipped cream, it does not freeze up as hard as ice cream. The regular chocolate fondant has 65% cake and 35% molten centre. Chef Riz served his chocolate fondant the other way round – 35% cake and 65% molten centre. While I enjoyed this with the semifreddo, I prefer the original version better – this was too runny for me.

Halfway through desserts, Chef Riz gave us some vanilla espuma to try. Espuma is simply cream incorporated with air/gas to give it a lighter, foamier mouthfeel.

Espuma, anyone? :)

Getting to the restaurant is a bit tricky if you don’t know your way around Solaris Dutamas. It is located on the first floor above Pappa Rich and is just a few doors away from The Fish & Chippery.

Ambiance: 7/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 5.5/10 (halal)
Verdict: Some hits and misses, but overall a pleasant meal. If you yearn for a gastronomical adventure under one roof, this is the place to go to.

On The Table (OTT) Restaurant
A4-UG1-08, Dutamas Solaris
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
03-6207 9966
Opens: 11am-3pm, 7pm-11pm (Monday – Saturday)

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