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September 16, 2010

Pasta Zanmai @ 1 Utama

When I tell people I’ve never eaten at Pasta Zanmai, they are surprised. Many of them have been raving about this place, and I’ve read many reviews about its food. Pasta Zanmai serves Fusion Japanese food, so expect dishes like pasta with unagi and pizza with salmon slices. The restaurant occupies the back portion of a retail shop selling Japanese food item. rif and I plonked ourselves at the table where a group of our friends were seated, and ordered our food. The portion of my Kaki Kimuchi Pasta & Tori Karaage Garlic Rice (RM23 per set) was pretty generous. However, I didn’t like this set at all. The garlic rice was not garlicky at all, and the chicken karaage was pretty average. I bit into a bad mussel in the Kimuchi Pasta, so that pretty much ruined my mood for the noodles.rif liked his Ikura Salmon Sashimi Pasta & Chicken Katsu Rice set (RM23). I had a bite of each, and both didn’t impress. While the portion of the chicken katsu rice was big and it came with a lot of runny egg, it tasted very, very ordinary. I really didn’t like the Ikura Salmon Sashimi Pasta – it tasted horribly fishy. The ingredients did not complement each other well, and it left a sick taste in my mouth.To wash away the foul taste in my mouth, I drank plenty of green tea. As I was pouring my last cup of tea from the pot, a housefly came out with it. I called the waitress and told her about it. Her reply? “So what you want me to do?” “Call your manager, NOW,” I said.

She never called the manager. I called for the bill 5 times, but no one attended to me. Impatient, I walked straight to the counter and asked for the bill. They shouldn’t even charge me 10% for the service. I told the counter guy (who looked like a manager) that there was a fly in my tea. His reply? “Oh……sorry.”

Horrible service with below par and unhygienic food. There was SO MUCH MSG, it’s not funny. I had a massive headache (MSG gives me that) the whole night, and an awful feeling at the back of my throat. I’m never going there again, not even if you were to pay me to eat the food there.

Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 2/10
Service: 1/10
Verdict: I don’t get why this place is even popular in the first place. The food sucks.

Ground Floor Promenade

1 Utama Shopping Centre

15 Responses

  1. Cheong

    I think everyone should boycott this place. We as consumers have the rights and privileges to choose a friendly waiter and a clean place to eat. Hope you don't have stomach discomfort after eating there.

  2. Horlic

    ishhh!!! got fly in the tea!!! Blacklist "Pasta Zanmai"!!!!

  3. thule a.k.a leo

    OUCH! Of all the things that could possibly happen, A FLY in your tea! should have threatened to bring this to Consumer Tribunal on the spot.

    But there are foods that nice here.. love their pasta with sesame sauce 🙂 cool down babe

  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    reminds me of the time i went to overseas and found a fly in the rice and the reaction was, you want another bowl?

    i wouldnt say the food is darn right bad, surely there are more places that deserve that status but it isnt the best either. i dont get the long queues either.

  5. Baby

    every time i pass by, i ended up not going in.. something about the style of serving doesn't suit me.

  6. aly

    I'm with you on the ingredients not complementing each other. Some 'Fusion' should just stay de-fused.

  7. Wa.Lau.Wei

    Which ever Zanmai it is… Sushi Zanmai to Pasta Zanmai… the food sucks in totality! There are better Japanese food out there!

    It is overrated and seeing the queue of people wanting to dine there is ridiculous! Don't these people have taste buds? The food ain't cheap at all.

    The last time I visited Sushi Zanmai for lunch. It cost RM100+ for two pax! I rather go for spend that kind of money elsewhere!

    I have boycotted Sushi Zanmai and Pasta Zanmai in totality! No more poor quality Japanese food for me!

  8. cm

    The name of the restaurant sounds funny !
    The food is so runny !
    Everything does not look sunny !
    Even the waiters are like Bunny !
    Maybe it comes from the Dunny !

  9. minchow

    Ugh yuck. I totally agree, based on the few times I've been dragged kicking and screaming to part with hard-earned 30 bucks++ for a lacklustre meal here. No fly in my tea but service was well below par too!

  10. Tummy Rumble

    Its like going to chilis expecting good food.. u're bound to get disappointed.. pasta zanmai and sushi zanmai are owned by supersushi, the management of rakuzen. However, they are a class below, hence the quality. Even rakuzen's quality is getting crapper these days, so what more would one expect from their lower range restaurants.. good food can seldom be found at shopping complexes.. restaurants at shopping complexes cater to the mass crowd who wants a place to sit down an eat for the sake of eating out (those big family outings where parents bring their still schooling children out)..

    So chill man, the fly was definitely a stupid move on their part. But then again, sh*t happens and its not a 5 star restaurant. I doubt the manager has the ability to wave your bill if that was what you're looking for (which I doubt).

    Consider it as you did the community a favour by writing this up, so we can all avoid the place.. 😀

  11. Click Click Culinary

    i think this is the right place to complain, http://e-aduan.kpdnkk.gov.my/index.html. its important for all of us to fight for better food in our country!

  12. iamthewitch

    I haven't been to Pasta Zanmai but I've tried Sushi Zanmai once and I didn't enjoy it! I dont' get the long queues and I don't get the rave. Seriously, first and last time.

  13. niQue_naQ

    thanks for this post! my friends have actually been bugging me to go and try their food but now i know its not worth it! now we can try somewhere else that u have recommended here, there's so many to choose from! (^_^)

  14. Ken Jun

    Crap, I hate unhygienic food, what's more fly in your drink when I can't even tolerate little insects. I have not tried Pasta Zanmai and I don't think I will after reading your post. Thanks for sharing and I feel sorry about your horrible dining experience over there.

  15. TY

    I was invited to lunch there and after the meal I vow I will never return; that was like 1 year ago.

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