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Jogoya @ Starhill KL

Someone recently told me that I can be very unforgiving when it comes to food. I don’t disagree; I cannot stand bad food and lousy services. When they happen together, chances are, I wouldn’t want to patronise that particular restaurant/shop again.I visited Jogoya at Starhill for their supper buffet (RM78++) with a group of friends last week, because there was a 50% discount for UOB credit card holders. Supper starts at 9.30pm, but we had to queue and pay before entering the restaurant. By 9.45pm, we were seated at our table, famished and tired from the standing.

Fresh coconut & latte

Our waitress sucked. Seriously, she was that bad. There were 11 of us, but she gave us 5 glasses. The glasses are for patrons to get their drinks/slushies. After repeated reminders, she gave us the other 6 glasses at close to midnight. It wasn’t a full house, so no excuses there.
The sashimi tasted dreadful. All the fish slices tasted as though they were defrosted before serving — slimy and icy with a foul aftertaste. Oysters were briny and fishy. I ate one, and regretted even putting it into my mouth.

Mushroom Soup
(Picture credit: Susan Ng)

I ordered a tori karaage and steamed cod fish (using the Jogoya metal clips) — they were mediocre at best. The cod fish was overcooked, and there was nothing mind-blowing about fried chicken. Prawn tempura had more flour batter than the prawn itself and the prawns were hardly succulent or sweet.

Slushie…one of the very few decent things in Jogoya.

The skewered items were edible, except the skewered fish with tomato puree topping. Terribly fishy and very off-putting. Their cheese-baked items (pasta, oysters & scallops) were dry and cold. Skip this, or risk wasting your stomach space.

Dessert selection
(Picture credit: Susan Ng)

Desserts were also disappointing, except for the Haagen-daz and New Zealand Naturals ice creams. The macarons were possibly the worst tasting macarons I have ever had. It was hard (like biscotti-hard) and sickly sweet. The tiramisu tasted artificial — it had more foam than anything else. I dare say that supper was abysmal. The company was fantastic, but the food and service were way below passing level.

Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 3/10
Service: 1/10
Verdict: Don’t bother wasting your money, or stomach space.

Picture credit: Susan Ng

T3, Relish Floor,
Starhill Gallery,
Kuala Lumpur
03 2142 1268

20 Responses

  1. Marcus

    Despite people raving about this, I never went. Something in my gut told me it would suck.

    This is why I am very careful when it comes to buffets.

    Better just pay a-la carte for char siew and eat as if it's a buffet, right? Right? Right? Yeah I know you agree.

  2. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    yeah their food has really done dwn the drain..i think since 2 yrs ago, its been that pattern..

  3. KY

    jogoya used to be decent when it was first open, now it's just very blergh

  4. Myhorng

    my coliks went there last Thursday for supper as well and i rejected the invites. truly agree with your verdict up there. 😛

  5. Sean

    sigh, i recall when jogoya first opened, they were pretty good. but i guess it's been completely downhill since then … same seems to have happened to tenji at sohokl…

  6. Eric

    mmm wow that sounds like u ate rubbish…

    so lets all boycott JOYOGA!!!

  7. .rif.

    wow… this is possibly your worse restaurant/food write up i have read. black list this place!!!

  8. dk999

    I visited this place twice, and came to almost the same conclusion.
    There was nothing special cept the ice creams. On my 2nd visit they had servers getting the ice cream for you! waste time
    Feel paiseh if take too long to pick flavor because of the long queue for the ice cream

    Spotted u n rif 2 sundays ago in toast n roast. Didn't expect to see bloggers in flesh haha

  9. J

    Oh no that's terrible… 🙁
    What a waste! – Jogoya used to be nice….

  10. iamthewitch

    I had quite an abysmal experience myself a couple of years ago and I'm surprised they never improved… Seriously, the money is better spent having a la carte somewhere else, no?

  11. CUMI & CIKI

    that bad ar.. i guess i should not jog over to jogoya! haha

  12. Friday Escapade

    Wow. Guess better spend my hardearned moolah somewhere else. Thx for d heads up.

  13. thule a.k.a leo

    honestly, I think that their food was OK but not that great la 🙂
    but service was like you said… rude! Sigh… food was slow, the waiter/waitress served you with those looks that made you think that someone close to them had passed away recently (just a metaphor.. no pun intended)

  14. TL

    Sound really BAAAAAAD!! Sounded like the food should get a rating of 1/10.

    I think you might want to try TAO (ala-carte buffet). I tried the one at E-Gate, Penang. Food and service were pretty good. There is one that recently opened in Sunway Giza (not sure if its as good here or not though) 😛

  15. ai wei

    aiksss, everything are deteriorated. back to 3 years ago then, quality of food and services were great.

    now, No No to Jogoya d

  16. Lyrical Lemongrass

    I've only been to Jogoya once, in the early days. I've heard a lot of terrible things about the place. One would think that with all that bad press, the owners would do something about it. But then again, if you said that there was a queue entering the restaurant, then the place must still be popular despite the bad reviews. Ah well.

  17. PureGlutton

    I stopped going to Jogoya more than a year ago – their food & service suck big time.

  18. mimid3vils

    so bad ar… 😛

  19. Bangsar-bAbE

    mimi – Ya lor…horrible.

    PureGlutton – Dunno why they are still in business. =_=

    LL – They probably have a good marketting team. I don't understand the crowd!

    ai wei – Big no no!

    TL – Ya…I saw the one at Sunway Giza. Planning to check that place out soon. =)

    leo – Lol…you're funny, but ya. It feels as though they are in that morbid mood 24/7.

    Friday Escapade – You're welcome! 😉

    Cumi & Ciki – Hahaha…don't!

    iamthewitch – You're darn right! =)

    J – Now ah…puke blood.

    dk999 – You should have came over and said hi!! 😉

    rif – Hahaha….come to think of it, ya! This is the worst.

    Eric – Total rubbish! I'm never going back there!

    Sean – Yeah….Tenji kinda sucks too. They were pretty alright when they first started. >.<

    Myhorng – Smart boy! Save your $$.

    KY – A damn shame… =(

    Joe – Some dishes were not even fit to be served! Kenot makan one…

    Marcus – Ya lar….you know I'll agree. 😉

  20. ms. sarah

    their food is getting worse..
    doesn't worth it at all..

    Tenji's nice 🙂

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