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As mentioned in my previous post, rif took me to the famous Kafe Beriani Gam Putra. It took a few wrong turns and a phone call before we finally found the place. The place is quite dusty due to its location next to the highway. It was also very hot that day, so we ate really quick. I hate sweating like a pig when I’m not working out. o_0One has to line up and select the Beriani Gam from the giant pots aligned in a row. They offer a variety of berianis including beriani kuda (horse). The rice is wrapped with a muslin cloth and steamed together with the curry. We decided to share the Beriani Ayam Kampung, which I was told is one of their best sellers.Despite being steamed, the rice did not clump together. The spices from the curry add flavour and aroma to the rice, and the steaming process makes the rice slightly sticky and creamy. A set comes with acar, some papadam and a bowl of dalcar. The gravy was thick, sweetish, spicy and not overly oily. The chicken, slow-cooked in gravy, was tender and had a good aroma of spices. It tasted delectable with the rice. (I got a whole chicken leg, but it got buried under the pile of rice =P) Made with bits of lamb fat, the dalcar was seriously good stuff. My bowl had a nice piece of fat, which was buttery and full of flavour. Absolutely divine! I wanted to help myself to another bowl, but decided against it as I was terribly stuffed (I had a plate of beriani rice in my tummy already). T_T

The bill came up to RM16 – RM14 for the Beriani Ayam Kampung and RM2 for limau ais. Super expensive, considering it’s just a roadside stall. o_0 Oh well, at least I got my beriani gam and it was damn satisfying!

Ambiance: 1/10
Price: 4/10
Food: 8/10 (halal)
Verdict: Delectable beriani gam, not so pocket-friendly prices.

Lot Sub 4,
Jalan Kajang-Puchong,
Mukim Dengkil,
43000 Sepang,
016 909 0977 / 012 207 4434

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 2°58’34.23″N Longtitude: 101°43’33.32″E

*I have no idea how to get there, but I know it’s near the Serdang Hospital.

Map credit: ross of lite.fm

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