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Most people who read my blog would generally assume I’m a glutton who loves pork or anything fatty, and never seem to gain a single pound. Yes, I do indulge in buffets and my occasional “chu yau char” treat every now and then. But what they don’t know is what I eat on a daily basis (on top of working out daily).I can’t be bothered to wake up early, so I hardly ever eat breakfast (bad habit I know). But I have to start my day with a black coffee no sugar, else I can’t jumpstart. Lunch is often just a bowl of noodles.

My mum is a health freak. If you ever look into my fridge, you’ll find plenty of organic vegetables (certified organic some more), fish (for steaming), poultry (from grandma) and NO PORK (or very little).Heck, mum makes her own bread (got breadmaker ma), buns, rolls, muffins and cakes. I always count myself very lucky to have freshly baked buns and bread in the house. She uses only wholemeal flour for the bread and buns though. o_0This is my typical dinner at home. And I have to eat that, followed by a plate of fresh fruits. Oh, and we drink OXYGEN water (mum says it’s good for you).

Now that you see what I eat daily, I think I deserve a treat now and then, don’t you? Afterall, it’s not all the time I can eat junk food and clog my arteries with pork lard. But if mum ever read my blog (and see the things I eat), she would faint. :D

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550ml jar of faith December 1, 2008 - 3:11 am

Wow, I actually love the look of that dinner, really! You can just tell it’s good for you. I wouldn’t mind this on the daily basis if I get to indulge in those buffets you do!!

Bangsar-bAbE December 1, 2008 - 5:24 am

Have my share then! Kekeke…eating so much vege everyday makes me green in the stomach de. ^_^

But I guess it does balance out the oily greasy food I eat outside.

Anonymous December 1, 2008 - 7:08 am

Totally understandable… too much greens causes depression


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