Nasi Kandar Raffe, Penang

I used to be impartial towards nasi kandar, a meal of steamed rice with curries and side dishes that originated from Penang. That was more than 10 years ago when my dad did the mixing of curries. I love my old man, but he isn’t the best curry mixer I know, much to his dismay. [...]

Salero Negori, Amcorp Mall

Since my work travels to Jakarta, I’ve been on a lookout for good Nasi Padang in Klang Valley. I like the idea of having many small plates of food lined up in front of you as this gives me a visual feast, before I tuck into the food. Unfortunately, nasi padang isn’t sold this way [...]

32 at the Mansion, Penang


Penang is known for its street food offerings but every now and then, rif and I would choose to dine at restaurants with a nicer ambiance. We recently tried 32 at the Mansion, a swanky new fine-dining restaurant along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Penang. Reservations would be wise if you’re planning to visit on [...]

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