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Lou You Ji, Kuantan

by Bangsar Babe

Lou You Ji was recommended to me by a follower, who cites this newly opened shop as a “must-try” when I’m in Kuantan. Since we were heading there the following week for our annual family trip, this recommendation was timely.

Lou You Ji Restaurant in Kuantan

Lou You Ji Restaurant in Kuantan

It’s best to get to Lou You Ji early as they run out of items quite quickly, especially on weekends. We only managed to reach the shop at 1pm and there was a massive queue for a table and another line for takeaway. They also said they ran out of siew yuk and char siew, which I was told I should try.


All these char siew and siew yuk were “unavailable” as they were ordered by customers who were seated first


Full house at 1pm

Despite the chaos, the service was polite unlike what was shared on Google review. We managed to get a table after 30 minutes of waiting and miraculously scored a portion of siew yuk, which was their last. The remaining was reserved for their wantan mee (RM11 – large), which I ordered with char siew.


Siew yuk, which I was lucky to get!

The siew yuk (RM12 per portion) was quite good – thin, crisp skin and a nice ratio of fat to meat. Some parts were too fatty but I reckon that’s because that’s the tail end of the meat cut. Nonetheless, I’m still grateful I scored a plate of it so get there early to secure yours!


Steamed chicken

We ordered both the steamed chicken (RM24) and roasted chicken (RM18) to try. Pricing is reasonable considering the portion we got – ½ a chicken for each order. Tastewise, I liked the steamed chicken better.


Chicken was cooked just right and the skin was lightly chewy.

The chicken was cooked just right and it was aromatic from the rendered fat and sesame oil. I also liked how they prepped the skin – lightly chewy without being overly greasy. The ginger paste could use a bit more kick but it’s tasty enough to pair with the steamed chicken. I did feel thirsty after eating this, so I reckon a bit too much MSG was used.


Roasted chicken

Roasted chicken was also tasty, but I felt it was outshone by the steamed chicken. That said, it’s still an option to consider if you’re not a fan of steamed chicken. I always order both whenever I’m eating chicken rice.


Wantan mee with char siew


The char siew was soft and tender, and not overly sweet which is enjoyable. I prefer the char siew and siew yuk at Lou Yi Ji compared to UK Loh. That said, the wantan mee at Lou You Ji needs improvement. The noodles were overcooked and the seasoning tasted quite one-dimensional. I would recommend going for their chicken rice (RM2.50) instead.


Sadly, the noodles were overcooked and the seasoning wasn’t impressive.


Chicken rice was much better. So order this instead!


Curry wantan mee with char siew


Looked promising, but it was mostly spicy with hardly any depth or richness.

Folks in Kuantan take their curry mee seriously, judging from the vast availability of this hawker favourite at most coffeeshops. Sadly, the one at Lou You Ji (RM9) faltered to complement their good meats. The broth was spice-laden, but lacked flavour and depth. Definitely the Achilles heel of this shop.


Homemade red bean tong sui

Lou You Ji gives off a homely vibe; even the red bean tong sui (RM3.80) is thick and packed with ingredients. Nothing extraordinary but it’s the kind you’d expect when your mother or grandmother makes it for you.


Overall, a satisfying meal.

Our bill came up to RM92 inclusive of two barley drinks and a takeaway packet of chicken rice for our helper. The restaurant is a bit small, so it can get a bit cramp if you’re sitting inside. We were seated outside (no available tables) but I don’t suggest this on a humid day – “热得要死”

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 7.5/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Go early to avoid disappointment. The steamed chicken, siew yuk and char siew are worth trying.

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佬友鸡港式烧腊 Lou You Ji Restaurant
B154, C15 Jalan Haji Ahmad,
Taman Setali,
25300 Kuantan.
Tel: 017-818 8012
Business hours: 8am till 4pm
(closed Sunday)

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