Holiday at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

Blissful Escape

January and February are my favourite months of the year as there are many holidays. Last weekend, rif and I went for a mini getaway at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh. FYI, this is not an advertorial for The Banjaran Hotsprings. It was a wedding gift from my ex-boss — an all expense paid for 3 days, 2 nights stay at the retreat. For those who are interested in going there/want to know if it’s worth it, watch this space! In the meantime, go look at the pictures. ;)

Buggy ride to our villa!

Taking a stroll...

Sipping my favourite Moscato while taking a dip. :)

Private jacuzzi! :)

Organic dinner: I could get used to this!

Our villa has a private pool too!

Super relaxed after our stay

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  1. It must be a very relaxing place.
    Hey…..I like your bandini ;-)

  2. this is one of those spots that i’ve always harbored hope of visiting during extended weekends. close enough to kl that we wouldn’t need to take a flight, but different enough that we’d feel far, far away from the stresses of the city! :D

  3. heard so much yet not stepped into it. I should make it a point to head in there for a weekend with the hubster. Lucky you..had it as a gift. *envious*

  4. hmm that place sound familiar..
    Last time i used to go to this place and i pay 50cents to go in….
    Now .. it is really amazing…
    maybe at some location u will c .. simple person was here.. LOL
    Wish you n rif a good val’s day…
    both of u make a perfect couple…

  5. You’re way too hot. My eyes are like melting now! LOL!

  6. nice bikini shot! i guess u didn’t get a tan?! :P

  7. I would think this is a good place for a romantic getaway for KL folks ya… but TOO bad it’s in Ipoh!! (If i ever suggest to go there, my hub would definitely reply “Why pay the price when you can get free accommodation in Ipoh?”

    His hometown is in Ipoh :(

    • Bangsar Babe says:

      I think it would still make a good getaway, even if you’re in Ipoh. Ambiance different ma…

      My only problem with Banjaran is the price. :(

  8. I’ve been wanting to visit this place, but the prices tend to put me off.

  9. I chance up upon your blog when I was searching for how much to pack in an ang pow for a wedding dinner. Very nice wedding photos!
    Is this place good for a short getaway? I don’t see many photos of the room your guys were staying?

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