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Happy Birthday Mummy!

Happy Birthday Mummy!

My mother would have turned 59 today if she were still alive. When we celebrated her birthday in 2015, I remember questioning why she wanted a big celebration since it wasn’t her 60th. And I told her she should wait till she turned 60 so we can do it on a grand scale. See, my […]

Farewell, Mummy
November 29, 2015

Farewell, Mummy

I’ve been finding it difficult to write about my late mother for no amount of words can ever sum up how amazing a person she was. She passed away so quickly the family didn’t have enough time to say to her what we wanted to say and embrace her for a little while longer. It […]

Mummy Dearest

I recently watched this video that reminded me of my mum. When I was growing up, she was protective, naggy and overly caring. Now that I’m all grown up, she still babies me. She makes me soup, reminds me to take my medicine, insists on driving me for my medical check-ups and calls me every […]

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