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Trademarking Bangsar Babe

by Bangsar Babe

Close to two years ago, Kiefer from Longwood Assets suggested that I consider trademarking the Bangsar Babe brand. And he had a good point. The brand is constantly growing and it would be good to take it to the next level – to get the ® for Bangsarbabe.com.

For people like me, it sounded like a lot of work (paperwork) and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through the entire process to get my brand trademarked. But Kiefer was very thorough when he walked us (rif and I) through the entire process. I also knew that in order for my brand to move forward, this had to be done. Kiefer assured me that things would be fairly simple – all I had to do was provide the required documents and let Longwood Assets do the necessary. And of course, wait for no one to object.

The waiting time to get your brand (or company) trademarked takes up to two years, of which I’m grateful that the Longwood Assets folks checks in with us via email to inform us of updates (if any) and how much longer it was going to take.

Longwood Assets was also very optimistic that I would get my trademark approved (I was a bit worried because I don’t offer products nor do I run a company) without any complication and they were indeed right. It was such an easy process especially since almost everything was handled by the company and they were very professional in keeping us in the loop.

After two years of waiting, I’m pleased to announce that the Bangsar Babe brand is officially trademarked with ® effective 13 July 2015. If you’re wondering, the symbol ® is a notice of registered ownership and by getting my ®, I am now officially (and legally) the owner of Bangsar Babe.

There’s a difference between ®, TM and SM which the folks at Longwoods Assets will gladly explain to you about. For me, I know that by getting my ®, it means I have “statutory rights” to my brand as it is registered and acknowledged by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO). The trademark will now distinguish Bangsar Babe from the others, making the brand and its name exclusive to just me.


Thank you Longwood Assets!

If you’re interested in finding out more about trademarking your brand, visit https://www.longwoodassets.com or email [email protected]. You can also call 03-5021 9023 to speak to Kiefer himself. :)

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