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Restaurant Ye Look, Sri Petaling

by Bangsar Babe

Jien and I enjoy discovering new Chinese restaurants, especially the ones with simple ambiance, promising food and reasonable pricing. Restoran Ye Look in Sri Petaling is one of them – we went there for lunch not too long ago.

Ye Look is a typical Chinese restaurant cum coffeeshop that serves hawker fare in the morning and tai chow dishes in the afternoon and at night. It’s not air-conditioned, so expect a bit of humidity if you’re eating there during the day.


Vietnamese style squid is a must-order at Ye Look

Since we brought my in-laws around, Jien and I ordered more dishes to try – asam steamed tilapia, Vietnam style squid, braised homemade tofu, signature pork belly ribs, salted egg French beans and marmite pork ribs.


Tender squid rings in creamy gravy

Food didn’t take long to arrive (we got our dishes within 15 minutes) since we were the only ones having dishes that afternoon. Most of the patrons ordered from the pan mee and chicken rice stall. The Vietnamese style squid was delicious; savoury and creamy with a nice balance of lemongrass and turmeric.


Asam steamed tilapia

Our friend mentioned Ye Look serves good asam steamed tilapia and she was right. It was one of the better ones we’ve had so far. The gravy was adequately thick with tangy flavours from the tamarind and tomatoes. In case you’re wondering, this is Chinese style asam fish so don’t expect bold spices.


Pretty good, though I prefer my fish deep fried before being topped with sauce.

Personally, I would have preferred the tilapia deep fried (less muddy smell) and topped with asam gravy but since we’re dining with my in-laws, we asked for it to be steamed. The muddy smell from the tilapia wasn’t that strong since it’s being masked by the asam gravy but it’s personal preference.


Braised homemade beancurd


Our little girls really enjoyed the tofu as it came with plenty of gravy and their favourite vegetables – carrot and broccoli. Tastewise, it’s nothing to shout about. Just a simple plate of tofu that goes well with rice and dishes.


Marmite pork ribs


Juicy and crisp around the edges

Another favourite of the kids is the marmite pork ribs, which looks unassuming but the meat is juicy and crisp around the edges. The marmite sauce coating leans towards the sweeter side and it’s caramelised nicely.


Signature pork belly

The signature pork belly ribs comes with a tangy-sweet coating, presumably from the use of plum sauce. Ye Look deep fries the pork before coating it in sauce so you get that burst of flavour from the gravy and crispy, juicy texture from the pork itself.

Jien and I enjoyed this, though my in-laws mentioned it’s “too strong” for their liking. I guess this is where our preferences differ – they don’t fancy crispy or bold flavours while our palate leans towards those notes.


Salted egg French beans

Ye Look’s salted egg French beans is light yet savoury. It’s not as decadent as the one at Hong Ngek but this one is quite commendable. I also like that they didn’t overfry the beans so it’s still crunchy to bite into.


Lunch for 4 adults + 2 kids

Our bill was around RM250 for all the above – still reasonable considering the number of dishes we ordered. Don’t expect anything fancy, just straight up honest food. I was told Ye Look is packed during dinnertime so it’s best to get there early or call ahead to reserve a table.

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Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 7/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: Try the Vietnamese style squid, signature pork belly rib and asam tilapia.


Ye Look, Sri Petaling

Restaurant Ye Look 以勒海鲜楼
8, Jalan Radin Tengah,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9057 7692
Business hours: 7am till 11pm
(closed Monday)

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