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Links Bak Kut Teh, Klang

by Bangsar Babe

The thought of having bak kut teh in the morning eludes me, as I for one cannot wake up early enough during the weekend for a dose of herbal goodness. But I do like the idea of eating what some folks in Klang claim to be “the best bak kut teh” in their books.


Links Bak Kut Teh


Early bird gets the better meat cuts

Links Bak Kut Teh is relatively unknown to those living outside of Klang; at least to me. My friend and bak kut teh lover Ken insisted I give Links a shot – promising I won’t leave disappointed. But the only catch was to get there before 9am, which meant I had to be up by 7am.


Even at 8.30am, they were already down to half a pot of bak kut teh with several pieces of meat on bone (tua kut) left. We ordered two of each option; tua kut, sai kut, pork ribs, pork belly and intestines. The steamed okra was merely an order to offset the massive pork feast we had going on.


Food for 6 pax

Like most traditional bak kut teh options in Klang, Links Bak Kut Teh serves bak kut teh in porcelain bowls (RM14 per portion if I remember correctly). No rice crullers (yau chai kwai) in sight. You’re expected to focus on the broth and meat cuts, I believe.

Is it good? Yes.


Tendon for that boost of collagen


The broth at Links Bak Kut Teh is very thick, almost stew-like. It is one of the thickest bak kut teh broths I’ve tried – sweet, savoury and herbal notes with a buttery coat from all the meat and fats.


Flavoured to the bone!

Soup refills are possible, if you ask the aunty nicely. But to be frank, Links Bak Kut Teh broth is so creamy that one bowl of soup might just be sufficient. You wouldn’t want a bak kut teh overkill.


Sai Kut (small bone)


Tua Kut (big bone)

What I really like about this bak kut teh is the meat cuts. Regardless of your choice of meat, you can be sure each cut is tender and incredibly flavoured from the hours of stewing. My favourite cut is still the tua kut (big bone) as the skin is soft, gelatinous and melts in the mouth. Really good stuff.


Pork belly

Innards aren’t my thing so I didn’t try any but my friends said it’s good and hardly gamey in flavour. Those who prefer leaner cuts should opt for the pork ribs – soft, tasty and falling off the bone. No force is needed on any of these meat cuts as they are fork tender. Just beautiful.

Expect to pay between RM15 to RM25 per person, depending on the amount you order. We ordered quite a bit, so it was approximately RM25 per head. And let me tell you this – I was so full I had to skip lunch.


Overall, I do feel Links Bak Kut Teh is worth the drive to Klang. Definitely a bak kut teh spot to check out if you love this dish. Preference-wise, I prefer my soup stronger in herbal flavour so Chow Kiat’s broth is right up that alley. But the meat cuts here are better.

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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 7.5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: One of the best bak kut teh I’ve eaten in Klang.

Links Bak Kut Teh
28, Jalan Tangkak 1/Ku1,
Kawasan 18, 41400 Klang.
Tel: 019-381 3018

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