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Bangkok, with my loves

by Bangsar Babe

I’ve been mooting the idea of bringing May Anne on holidays with us, to which Jien agreed when she turned 6 months old. We took her to Singapore by car and three weeks later, she was on her first flight – to Bangkok.




Jien and I last visited Bangkok in early 2017 when he travelled for work and I, for a short weekend before he went to work. With a baby in tow, we had to take things a lot easier – no more leaving for the airport late (my bad habit) and malls became our preferred choice because of the facilities and air-conditioning.


Bo.lan | Local fern with minced pork and prawn, wafer with pork and squid, grilled pork with longan


Saneh Jaan


Saneh Jaan | Stuffed flower dumpling filled with fish

Unlike my previous trips, we spent our time exploring the Michelin Guide restaurants (prior reservation is a must), enjoying the hotel and most importantly, spending time as a family of three. We dined at Bo.Lan, Saneh Jaan and Gaa – the ones I managed to get booking for. Was quite disappointed we couldn’t get Jay Fai, which is also on my to-eat list in Bangkok. Next time, perhaps.


Dinner at Gaa

One thing I like about fine dining in Bangkok is that they allow infants provided they don’t scream the house down. Fortunately for us, May Anne behaved herself at most parts of the meal, only kicking up a fuss towards the end when she wanted to nap.


Gaa | Grilled pork rib glazed with tamarind sauce


Gaa | Chocolate betel leaf



Travelling with May Anne meant pacing things as we put her needs before ours. That includes her meal times, nap times and also bath times. Jien and I didn’t quite mind, as we enjoyed staying in to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel.


Dinner date at El Gaucho — steaks here are quite good! A bit pricey though…



Shopping in Bangkok is still relatively reasonable when it comes to designer items as some items are discounted for tourists specifically, before VAT deduction. Our currency isn’t as strong at the moment, so things are slightly more expensive since it’s no longer RM1 to 10baht. Even so, it’s still reasonable enough for you to enjoy a good holiday.


My new travel companion

I do miss roughing it out by the roadside stalls occasionally but having May Anne along with us for this trip made me take things slower and I was definitely less ambitious (read: more planned) with my travel schedule.


After You

Now that we’ve done Bangkok, Jien and I are hoping to take her for an island vacation and hopefully, somewhere slightly further when she turns one. Fingers crossed! :)

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