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John Walker & Son’s XR 21 Mastery, Penang

by Bangsar Babe

I recently had the pleasure of being a part of the XR 21 Mastery, an annual by-invitation gastronomical journey by John Walker & Sons XR21 where food prepared by some of the best chefs is paired with the blended scotch. This year, the venue of choice was Khoo Kongsi in Penang – a UNESCO heritage clan house owned by the Khoo clan.


The XR 21 Mastery is the first ever full dining experience held at Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi in Penang


The setup was unlike what I’ve experienced before – unique and rich in culture. This year, XR 21 Mastery showcases the culture of Penang delicacies and homegrown ingredients through a menu curated by Chef Spider Kong of Soul Food and Chef Jeffrey at Metisser Dessert Parlour.


Tiger Prawn Kerabu, paired with XR21


Chicken Ravioli

We tucked into a 4-course meal comprising Tiger Prawn Kerabu, Chicken Ravioli, Seared Barramundi or Tamarind Lamb and dessert – Ambar Tree. All courses were paired with John Walker & Son’s XR 21, which further accentuated the nose and flavour profile of the whisky.


Tamarind Lamb


Amra Tree


The pairing between John Walker & Son’s XR 21 with Ambar Tree and Chicken Ravioli was my favourite. I found Ambar Tree interesting – Amra fruit paired with earl grey tea infused chocolate mousse for a fruity-rich finish.



Petite chocolates of three distinct flavours: Passion Fruit chocolate, made with a fresh local passion fruit and Madagascar chocolates, finished with gold lining. Coconut Praline, made with desiccated coconut and dark chocolate, presented with white lining. And Nutmeg Pate de Fruit, a candied nutmeg coated with John Walker & Sons XR 21.



The XR 21 Mastery is a platform created exclusively for Malaysia, which will feature local hidden gems and expertise in the culinary industry. For more information on the XR 21 Mastery, contact di********@mh**.my.

Exclusive to Asia, John Walker & Sons XR21 is a tribute to the British knighthood awarded to John Walker’s grandson, Sir Alexander Walker in 1920. It was created to honour a very special occasion whereby Sir Alexander Walker was appointed as a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by King George V in 1920, commemorating his outstanding leadership and service to his king and country. It contains whiskies that are aged for a minimum of 21 years and drawn from extremely rare Johnnie Walker reserves.

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