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by Bangsar Babe

I’ve loved eating waffles for as long as I can remember; my first being waffles with ice cream at a popular fast food joint that serves root beer. I thought all waffles taste like that until I tried Belgian waffles during my student days in the UK.

The latter was thinner and slightly denser with caramelised edges and absolutely delicious with lashings of cream and fresh fruits. Then there’s the Japanese artisanal waffles at Madame Waffle, which tasted completely different than first two waffles.


Madame Waffle has been around for slightly more than a year, and it wasn’t until last December that I tried them for myself. To really enjoy Madame Waffle, one needs to understand what it is, and what it is not. The waffle is soft and slightly bread-like, sweet but not overly so and aromatic from the caramelised pearl sugar.

To simplify, the waffle at Madame Waffle tastes like a light and milky brioche. If you like your waffles crispy and airy, then this isn’t the waffle for you. If you want it dense, then you’ll be disappointed. Come with an open mind and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the variety they have to offer.


Musang Durian Creme Brulee

Like the Musang Durian Crème Brulee waffle, made using fresh durian and torched on the spot for that crystallised sugar crust. Spoon in and you will find the mixture of durian and cream to be most delicious with the waffle. Unless of course you’re not a durian fan, which by now you’d be running a different direction.


Tiramisu Waffle


Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Chunk Waffle

I rather enjoyed the Tiramisu Waffle where two of my favourite desserts become one. This, I refuse to share. Also pretty good is the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Chunk waffle, which I was told is one of Madame Waffle’s best seller. The combination of dark chocolate and sea salt is genius, but I feel it’s missing a large scoop of ice cream on top. Which you can always ask to add on – I highly recommend the earl grey gelato!

Salted Egg Yolk Waffle 2 - Copy

Salted Egg Yolk Waffle

Salted egg yolk fans will like Madame Waffle’s Salted Egg Yolk waffle, which features salted egg yolk lava and gelato infused with salted egg yolk. There’s a nice balance of sweet and salty in this, so you get to still enjoy the fluffy goodness of the waffle and the rich flavour of salted egg yolk. I particularly like the salted egg yolk gelato in this combination.


Strawberry Nutella Waffle

Strawberry Nutella waffle comes with fresh strawberries on cream, with a side of gelato. Vanilla gelato is given by default but take my word for it – dark chocolate gelato works better. In case you didn’t know, you’re able to request for your choice of gelato when you pick the dine-in series so go on and custom make your dessert.


Flat White


Hazelnut Latte

Coffee has been slightly inconsistent, which is why I took longer to release my Madame Waffle post. Yes, they have an award winning barista (Feng) who makes awesome coffee, but there is only one of Feng and four Madame Waffle outlets. So if you’re lucky to have him, your coffee will be awesome. If not, your coffee won’t suck but it’s certainly not as good as what an award winning barista would make.


Matcha Latte


Passionfruit Mint Soda

A tip though – go for the coffee at The Gardens over Mid Valley as the guy there has been quite consistent. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with the Matcha Latte and Iced Blended Matcha. I usually go for Combo 1 where a classic waffle + hot coffee (flat white is always my choice) sets you back RM13. So I get coffee and a breakfast fuel to sustain me till lunch.

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Flavours are pretty subjective but I rather enjoyed the Strawberry Nutella and Tiramisu waffle.


Madame Waffle
Tel: 03-2202 0299
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