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Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection

by Bangsar Babe

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single scoop.”

At least that’s what I tell myself when I reach for an ice cream treat – a habit I’ve grown accustomed to over the years. There’s never a bad time for an ice cold treat, I reckon. And our humid weather fuels my desires faster than one can utter “ICE CREAM”.

Vanilla ice cream is great; my regular go-to flavour when I can’t decide what exciting flavours I should indulge in. The new range by Meadow Gold however, lures me away from my safe choice and lunges me into the world of indulgent flavours – Bold Chocolate Decadence, Delectable Caramel Pecan, Heavenly Macadamia and Lush Red Velvet.


From top: Lush Red Velvet, Heavenly Macadamia, Bold Chocolate Decadence & Delectable Caramel Pecan

If those names aren’t making you giddy with excitement, wait till you get to the content of each tub. These new gourmet flavours (RM21.90 per tub inclusive of GST) are made with real dairy and high quality ingredients like pecans and macadamia nuts, available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets in West Malaysia.


Tucking into spoonfuls of Bold Chocolate Decadence

Bold Chocolate Decadence

Bold Chocolate Decadence

This is as sinful as it looks – chocolate fudge and chocolate chunks in rich chocolate dairy ice cream. Every spoonful is a wicked indulgence. Don’t worry about it being too sweet, as this ice cream has a good balance between sweet and bittersweet from the chocolate chunks.

Crunchy Caramel Pecan

Delectable Caramel Pecan

Crunchy pecan and caramel, swirled in smooth vanilla ice cream – a treat for the sweet tooth! This is one of my favourites as there’s plenty of caramel and pecan in every spoonful.

Bold Chocolate Decadence and Heavenly Macadamia

Heavenly Macadamia (front)

This luxurious take on the classic vanilla ice cream is absolutely delicious. Smooth and crunchy from the roasted macadamia nuts, it’s hard to stop at just one scoop. If you’re all about indulgence, have it in the form of a cookie ice cream. I promise you – it’s as good as it looks!

Lush Red Velvet

Lush Red Velvet

Fans of red velvet cakes will love this ice cream – chocolate dairy ice cream in the hue of red velvet, studded with marshmallows for a burst of colour and complementing texture. This goes well with the heavenly macadamia, especially when you have it in an ice cream cone.

Meadow Gold Indulgence Series (2)

Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection

What I like about the indulgence collection is the flavours available – there’s something for everyone. Pick up a tub of Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection and try it for yourself! :)

For more information about Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection, visit www.meadowgold.my.

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