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Hello from Miami!

by Bangsar Babe

It’s been a long flight (close to 30 hours) and I’ve been sleeping quite a bit, especially en route London. Had two glasses of champagne and a light meal before falling asleep only to wake up an hour before landing.

Haig Club Miami

Miami bound!

The transit in Heathrow took 4 hours of which I managed to grab a bite at the business class lounge on Terminal 3, respond to emails and update my social media channels. I’m so grateful to have support in terms of makeup, dress, hair and nails before flying to Miami. :)

Haig Club Miami

Transit in London

This happens to be my first time in the U.S. and I was worried I wouldn’t get my visa approved in time. Fortunately it was a breeze (I got lucky) and I didn’t have to answer any difficult questions from the officer in charge. Am so excited to be invited by David for another round of dinner — second time this year. :)

Haig Club Miami


On a side note, I’m already missing Malaysian food hahaha! The airlines I took (British Airways and American Airlines) served western food and honestly speaking, I prefer the inflight menu on our national airline. Could be me being patriotic but their satay is really good!

I hope I don’t feel too homesick this time around. One week without curry laksa and banana leaf rice feels like torture hahaha! If only there’s an instant version of the latter that I can pack along with me for trips. :P

Haig Club Miami

Light lunch and a Bloody Mary :)

I know that when I land on Malaysian soil, I’m definitely having curry laksa for lunch. Have to remind rif to buy me the curry laksa I like from the coffeeshop nearby his office so I can indulge when I get back hehe.

Haig Club Miami

My suite, overlooking the beach

Haig Club Miami

Check out the view!

Will update as often as I can in Miami so do follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what I’m up to! :)

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