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Kuih Bakul & Pisang Goreng, Weld Quay

by Bangsar Babe

While searching for the tomyam noodles at Weld Quay, rif and I also chanced upon the stall that sells fried kuih bakul (nian gao) and banana fritters, along with a selection of deep fried treats. I’ve heard about this stall from my friend Ee, who swears by the awesomeness of the kuih bakul.


Fresh out of the fryer treats


Team effort by the family

This humble setup is managed by a family, where the father and brother handle the cutting and distribution of fried items while the mother and daughter are in charge of frying. It is good teamwork; a synergy that yields delicious fried snacks that warrants for long queues regardless of rain or shine.


Peanut fritters and fried tapioca


Golden brown and crispy

I waited close to half an hour for my portion of kuih bakul and banana fritters, giving the evil eye to those who attempted to cut my queue. When it comes to good food, I’m prepared to put up a fight. They also serve fried corn bread, sesame balls, tapioca and sweet potato so if banana fritters aren’t your cup of tea (something might be wrong with you), you have other options to consider.


Fried Kuih Bakul

The kuih bakul (RM2 each) or better known as nian gao is a highlight here and this takes a while to prepare. The mother would patiently assemble the pieces together before carefully frying them to golden brown perfection. And you will soon tuck into the simple pleasures of molten nian gao centre with perfectly cooked yam and sweet potato slices.


So good!


Banana Fritters


The stall operates between 2pm to 6pm

If your Mandarin is as dreadful like mine, please don’t attempt to pronounce “nian gao” to the brother distributing the pieces. I tried and he thought I wanted “mien pao” and subsequently gave me the fried corn bread. Hahaha!

The banana fritters are also very good – light, wispy batter and banana that boasts a sweet, almost caramel-like centre. So good that I saved two pieces and took it to New World Park, and got myself a scoop of peanut ice cream to go with them.

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Ambiance: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 8/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Best kuih bakul I’ve eaten. The banana fritters are also worth the extra calories.

Weld Quay,
Georgetown Penang.
(a few doors away from Ka Bee Cafe)

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