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Going further with Shell Helix Ultra

by Bangsar Babe

Bangsarbabe.com initially started as a food and travel blog, and it is still what most of my readers know me for until today. I’ve always been adventurous when it comes to food hunting – traveling all over the country (and beyond) in search of the best food places.

Making sure Baby Belle stays in good condition is important because she’s the enabler that takes me to these locations. Those weekend food excursions, road trips with rif and friends and getaways around the country, my car has taken me to great places and allowed me to experience all kinds of food.


Baby Belle, getting her boost of Shell Helix Ultra

I’ve always used Shell V-Power for Baby Belle ever since I got her, but after she received an oil change with Shell Helix Ultra and a boost of Shell V-Power Racing, there’s definitely an improvement in her handling and performance on the road. She’s smoother to maneuverer and I feel more confident behind the steering wheel.


Toasted buns at Hai Peng in Chukai

Most importantly, I feel at ease because her engine is well maintained and I know she will be able to take me to all the places I want to go, easily. It’s been a good two weeks thus far and I’m really pleased with how she’s holding up.

When rif was in Manila for work and I had to drive myself everywhere (I usually take the train to work daily), I noticed Baby Belle was a lot better on the road especially during rush hour. Her pick-up rate improved and the engine wasn’t as noisy.

Not sure if it’s the Shell Helix Ultra or Shell V-Power Racing that contributed to that, but she was a smooth ride. She usually makes a bit of noise during traffic jams and I’m happy to report that no such incident occurred even during the Ramadhan Bazaar traffic chaos along the Jalan Bangsar stretch.

Best part is, her pick up rate is faster so fewer cars get to cut in front of me during rush hour hahaha! Kiasu I know, but it’s annoying and I’m sure many of you face similar situations when you’re on the road.


Fish Valley in Semenyih

By taking care of Baby Belle’s engine, I get to at least ensure she remains in good condition so I can go for greater distance without a worry. If you’re planning to service your car and getting your engine oil changed, try Shell Helix Ultra and let me know what you think!


Alor Akar in Kuantan

For more information about Shell Helix Ultra, visit the official website here. If you’re keen on following my food trails (made possible by Baby Belle), here’s the list. :)

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