I’ve never made chai buey (stewed mustard greens with leftovers) before but decided it was time to just do it. Mum in-law makes it for me so often that I take it forgranted and know I just need to tell her “I want Chai Buey” and it will be dinner the next day. Pampered creature I am, I know. ;)


Chai Buey

We had plenty of leftovers from my parents, which I took home to make this. Mum and dad ordered a huge poon choi, which wasn’t that great so we only ate like 30% of the entire thing. So the rest of it went to this stew. Yes, this is one expensive stew hahaha!


When in doubt, just Google! :P

Bought two bundles of mustard leaves and realised they weren’t enough for that much of leftover. So rif headed out to Tesco this morning and returned with another four bundles. That makes two huge pots, which I’ll be giving to both our families and some for Shum. It’s turning out pretty good…this stew is a no-brainer really. Anyone can make this. All you need are mustard leaves, dried chilli, asam keping, garlic and tomatoes.

Best post-CNY dish ever! :D

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