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As a somewhat frequent traveller, I’d like to think I’ve been to quite a few countries and cities in the world – mostly Europe since I was studying in the UK. In the past two years or so, I started travelling in South East Asia and my most recent trip was to Beijing over the Raya holidays to visit a good friend.


Great Wall of China (Mutianyu)

I dare say this was my most challenging vacation thus far due to a number of factors. Firstly, I was travelling with a girlfriend and had to rely on my own instincts when making travel decisions or planning my itinerary. Jien usually plans everything for me so I’ve been taking things forgranted.

Beijing felt like a whole new universe to me because I spoke very little Mandarin and they use “Beijing Hua” which was a lot more difficult to understand. While the city is very developed (and I had very good food at some of the top restaurants there), it was still underdeveloped when it came to hygiene. Spitting was still very common and I found them extremely loud and often, unbearable.

I also had the rotten luck of seeing a fully naked lady (I assume she’s a local) who was insanely bushy at the ladies private whirlpool at the hotel. It is now a sight I’m desperate to forget. :shock:


Lunching with Charles


Catching up with Holger Deh at Four Seasons Beijing

Apart from that, I had a good time at the Great Wall, Forbidden City and exploring the culinary offerings of the city with my friend. All pictures are documented using my Samsung S4 and I think they looked quite good.

Yes, I also made use of the in-built filter for better effects. These are a few of my favourites during the trip!


Pretty cocktail at Opera


Amuse Bouche


Dinner at one of the best Italian restaurants in Beijing


At the top of the Great Wall


My first vintage champagne. Am now spoilt for life.


And after all that, it was great to be back on Malaysian soil!

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