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Before we went to Gold Coast, rif planned most of our itinerary since he’s the organized half. He got us the VIP Gold Pass ($99.99) which allowed us an unlimited entry to Movie World, Sea World and Wet ‘n’ Wild.

IMG_7238 copy

Wheeeee….theme park!!! :D

Our first stop was Movie World for all the rollercoaster rides I could take in. Unfortunately, Movie World wasn’t as fun as people said it would be. Maybe because I went to Universal Studio not too long before that.

IMG_7314 copy

I started with the BATWING Spaceshot, where we were shot 60 metres into the sky with 4.5Gs of power. It was one of the fastest rides I’ve been one, but not thrilling at all. rif didn’t join me for this.


Heck, I got pretty pissed at him that day, because he didn’t go on ANY of the rides. Except Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs – The 4D Experience. That wasn’t even considered a ride.

I guess he was only “manning” it up during Universal Studios because Christy and another of my guy friend were there. So while I went for all the rides, he held my bag for me. :roll:

The best ride there was the Arkham Asylum. And because it was winter season, there wasn’t much of a queue. At most, I had to wait 15 minutes and it was my turn. I was strapped into a train that went up to 85km. The G-force for this was strong, and tummy turning. Good thing I didn’t eat much for breakfast. Otherwise, I would have blessed the people below with my puke. Nonetheless, I was crazy enough to ride on this three times.

IMG_7245 copy

Unfortunately, the ride I really wanted to try – Green Lantern Coaster – wasn’t available due to maintenance. Rotten luck. The Superman Escape was alright. We went from zero to 100km an hour in 2 seconds.

The Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster was more for kids. I liked the reverse and mystery turns, but nothing particularly exciting. Still, rif didn’t want to ride this.

IMG_7313 copy


IMG_7309 copy

T-shirt, jacket & shoes from Puma

He did try the adventure ride, Wild West Falls. I didn’t want to because it was freezing cold and going for a water adventure was the last thing on my mind. Good thing I didn’t go on this – when he reached the top, they stopped the rides because of a system error. Imagine … they had to WALK all the way down. Took them almost one hour and I was worried sick.

IMG_7277 copy

IMG_7279 copy

IMG_7290 copy

IMG_7291 copy

IMG_7297 copy

It was drizzling that day. Not much fun for me.

IMG_7324 copy

IMG_7326 copy

There wasn’t much to eat at Movie World, mostly because it was winter season and not all the shops were open/under construction. Really bad time; don’t go there in May or June. We lunched at Gotham City – I ordered a Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Burger ($13.99) while he had the Fish & Chips ($12.99). Both were nothing to shout about. We ate because we were hungry.

IMG_7327 copy

IMG_7332 copy

We stayed till 4.45pm, because the shuttle bus back to our hotel came at that time. By then, it was dark, drizzling and blardy cold. I wanted to slap my colleague for telling me “Gold Coast during winter is like Genting Highlands”.

IMG_7337 copy

IMG_7344 copy

IMG_7350 copy

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to Movie World, but go when the weather is good and all the rides are available. And please find a rollercoaster buddy if your other half isn’t a fan.

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For more information on Movie World, visit their official page here.

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