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August 29, 2012

Pan Mee, Old Klang Road

IMG_0677 copy

Of late, I’ve been having incessant cravings for pan mee, which I foresee will last for at least 6 months. My wat tan hor phase lasted for a year, while my craving for NIPS chocolate lasted for 2 years. Heck, I even shipped 50 packets of the latter to the UK when I was living there. Thankfully, I’ve outgrown that peanut chocolate phase!

IMG_0690 copy

Made on the spot

IMG_0686 copy

IMG_0689 copy

Clear stock

I’ve eaten pan mee soup, pan mee dry, spicy pan mee, tom yam pan mee, bak kut teh pan mee, curry chicken pan mee, chilli pan mee, loh pan mee and even fried pan mee. But nothing beats a good pan mee soup, which is unfortunately hard to come by these days. And I’m not going to wait for 1 hour and 10 minutes for the pan mee in Klang ever again.

IMG_0673 copy

Fu Chuk Yee Mai…while waiting

IMG_0671 copy

Longan and sea coconut

Ken recently introduced me to a good pan mee place in Old Klang Road and I’ve been going back there ever since – I had it twice in 3 days. Manned by a husband and wife team, the humble pushcart is located next to Fatty Bak Kut Teh in Old Klang Road. They start selling the pan mee at 8pm onwards, but go there late and you might have to settle for yee mee instead.

IMG_0679 copy

Pan Mee Soup, extra ‘liu’

IMG_0678 copy

Death by chilli belacan

The pan mee soup with extra ‘liu’ (RM5.50) was delicious and also tongue-numbing if you overindulge in the chilli belacan. I asked for pinched noodles as that is the best way to enjoy pan mee, I feel. The noodles were toothsome with a slippery smooth texture and of the right thickness. I couldn’t stop drinking the soup – sweet from the ikan bilis and bones. The nam yue marinated pork slices and mushroom further accentuated the flavour of the clear broth.

IMG_0683 copy

Nam yue marinated pork

IMG_0697 copy

IMG_0685 copy

To add egg…

IMG_0682 copy

…or not? NOT! 🙂

You can opt to add an egg into your pan mee, but I would advise otherwise. The egg changes the flavour of the soup slightly and I like it as it is. Alternatively, you can ask for the egg to be cooked separately and served in a side bowl. Go easy on the chilli belacan for it packs a fiery, fiery kick. Or if you think no pain is no gain, load up on another saucer and be prepared to camp in the toilet.

IMG_0691 copy

Playing with fire

I dare say…eating two saucers of chilli belacan is as good as drinking two packets of Acai Fiber. The former is FOC but the Acai doesn’t ‘burn’ as bad. 😉

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Ambiance: 4/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 8/10 (non halal)
Verdict: Good pan mee, enough said. Remember to ‘kah liu’!

IMG_0694 copy

Pan Mee Stall
Batu 4 1/2,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens: 8pm onwards.

29 Responses

  1. I had pan mee with those marinated pork before when I was at primary school which I remember until now but I can’t find it anywhere since the stall closed down >.<

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Now you can go to this stall. 🙂

  2. ulric

    If I eat two saucers of that chilli belacan, I bet u can see an erupting volcano in Old Klang Road…haha =)

    1. Bangsar Babe

      ROFL!! Let’s try. 😛

  3. really tak boleh tahan seeing that sambal belacan!!
    I thk I would love to add ‘nam yue pork’. 😉

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Yes, you must add pork. And mushroom too! 🙂

  4. i want egg! two in a bowl if possible! 😀

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Order away…! 🙂

  5. Kash

    Hmmm, I’ve never tried pan mee before..would you beleive that??? Wonder how it would taste like? I’ve been too long here in the Emerald Isle, that’s the reason why…

    1. Bangsar Babe

      What?? How can??? You HAVE to try pan mee. It’s comfort food!

      1. Kash

        I will try once I’m there…

  6. ok la..So near my house = must try! Truth be told the stalls along the road get me annoyed because the people parking along Old Klang Road causes traffic jam especially at night! But looks like I’ll be one of them soon…hehe

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Hahahaha….me too. Hated those people who park illegally, but for good pan mee, I’m willing to be one of them. Kekekeke

  7. looks good le. will go and try it….
    I see got other stalls also.. what they sell over there?

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Got BKT, but not so nice, I heard.

  8. Do I hear cravings? Is it a sign? Hehehee

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Lol! No la…not so soon. Not ready to become an elephant. 😛

  9. TY

    may i know where about in old klang road is this stall located? any landmark nearby?

    1. Bangsar Babe

      It’s next to Scott Garden

  10. i love pan mee too!

    hardly can find decent panmee in penang :(.

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Come to KL! 🙂

  11. adrian

    hey.. where is this exactly. sorry.

    tried google map but useless.. lol

    1. Bangsar Babe

      It’s next to Scott’s Garden. Where the bak kut teh stall is. Look for the BKT stall and you’ll find this humble pan mee stall next to it.

  12. A

    NIPS choc is a poor man’s M&M. Never get tired of it.

  13. hi there,tried your recommendation, must say it wasn’t worth the wait..nothing great nor fantastic..wish you didn’t blog this pan mee, wasted my time going there to eat…i spoke my mind..no grudges..

  14. Charlene Bradish

    My husband and I are Pan Mee lover. Will try this one soon. 🙂

  15. Jt2

    1) I dont know if everyone can become a food blogger.
    2) Or your taste bud is really bad.
    3) Or u just need to fill up this pg of urs for the sake of it because there is no entry for the week.

    What I can say this is one of my biggest dissapointment following ur recommendation. Is my 1st time and last time.

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Sorry you didn’t enjoy my recommendation. Perhaps you can suggest a better pan mee stall?

  16. Joyce

    you mentioned you have tried bak kut teh pan mee….was it good and where is that? do you have a review? it sounds interesting 🙂 thanks!

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