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Ready for beef!

I’ve actually lined up a couple of non-ramen blog posts for the week, but I decided to jump the blog queue and write about the Las Vacas Steak Challenge 2012 instead. In case you’re wondering (since it’s been sort of a mystery on twitter and Facebook), yes, I joined the Las Vacas steak challenge with Wei Ni yesterday afternoon.

5 mins before the challenge

Fast fast...hungry already!


I didn’t expect to win, seriously. I went there to have a good time with friends and RM100 for all-you-can-eat grass fed rib eye was a good deal. So I signed up just to enjoy myself. In fact, I was telling rif over lunch (he had lunch, I didn’t) before heading to Las Vacas that I wasn’t hoping to win at all. Because how can a cili padi win, right? Plus, I never did any eating competition before, so winning was out of the question. So I thought.

Challenge accepted!

I’m generally a fast eater. And I love a good rib eye. The challenge involved eating as much rib eye (300gm each) as one could. The first steak I got was slightly over medium well, which I didn’t fancy. Luckily, I got a nice, medium rare piece the second time around. And the third. And the fourth. And the fifth. And the sixth. If you all thought I was struggling or suffering, I hate to break it to you. I actually enjoyed my steaks, the civilized way. I used my cutlery and I chewed my meat. Some people actually used their hands and started shoving steaks down their throats. Like carnivores.

1st steak. You get a sticker each time you finish a piece.

Om nom nom nom...

2nd steak

3rd steak

4th piece!

5th piece!

*gasp* 6th piece!

Unfortunately, my seventh piece (I can’t believe I even made it to the seventh piece!) wasn’t as nice. Partly because this was medium well AND because spectators started crowding on my side. I don’t fancy crowds and I hated it when some people shoved their cameras and camera phones to my face while I was trying to enjoy my meat. That’s just f**ked up! Can’t a girl eat her steak in peace? Geez…learn some manners people WTF.

Annoyed face. After a few idiots tried shoving their cameras in my face.

7th piece!

By then, I lost my mood and stopped eating. Not because I couldn’t put in more meat, but because I found the crowd stuffy. So I slowed down. And played with my phone. And updated Facebook…until time was up. I was pretty chillax-ed about the whole thing. rif came running over and said he suspected I just won the challenge. The emcee speculated it as well. About the emcee…I ignored him because he was very distracting and I didn’t like someone talking to my ear WITH a mic. So I choose to pretend he didn’t exist and talked to Wei Ni’s friend in front of me.

5 seconds timeout to pose for the hubby. :P


Apparently, I ate 1.94kg of rib eye. The second and third place winners were quite far behind – 1.3kg and 1.2kg respectively. Our body sizes were pretty far behind too. Go look at the picture of the Top 3 to see for yourself.


Happy dance.

"Kecik-kecik cili padi" :P

I won a 4D 3D trip to Gold Coast Australia (flight and hotel stay only). Thank you Las Vacas. I remember telling Wei Ni I wouldn’t be able to eat for the next 2 days with almost 2 kg of beef in me. But I was wrong. My stomach started churning acid like crazy and I could actually feel the meat get digested inside. By the time I was 10pm, I felt hungry. I wonder if last year’s winner felt the same way.

If I eat more beef...will I grow taller?

If any of you bump into me the next couple of weeks, please DO NOT attempt to feed me any more steak. I’ve more than reach my intake of beef for the next month or so. Now, back to organic food for the next one week!

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