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My favourite picture of James Irvine -- so serious!

“Merlot is the third most planted grape in the world,” said winemaker James Irvine at a wine tasting event held by Vineyards Direct last month. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I usually buy wines to drink, not to invest. Vineyards Direct is a fine wines Investment Company that offers investors a lower price entry point and consistent, excellent value appreciation.

Vertical Tasting

I learnt a great deal about wines from James Irvine that night – from the grapes they grew, the wine they produced and the benefits of investing in the Grand Merlot. Fine wines like the Grand Merlot has shown increasing returns over the last 30 years and Vineyards Direct’s understanding of market dynamics and appreciation for fine wines assures investors of a unique investment opportunity.

Left: Grand Merlot 1996 (screwcap), right: Grand Merlo 1996 (cork)

Since I’m still very new to this investment business, I’ll get talking about the Grand Merlots I tried that night. We started with the Grand Merlot 1996 right up to the Grand Merlot 2006. My friend liked the Grand Merlot 2005 better than the 2004, but I preferred it the other way round. The 2002 and 2004 were easier to drink on their own – the latter had a more plum-y character and a firm finish.

Grand Merlot 1996

At first taste, the 1996 has a slightly peppery taste. For such an old wine, this held its colour very well. Not my kind of wine, though. The 2002 had a spicy note and plenty of tannins. Some mentioned they tasted chocolate and raspberry, I tasted none of those. Oh well…

With James Irvine

“Merlot is the third most planted grape in the world..."

On a whole, I found the session very educational but was a bit peeved at how rowdy some people got after a few glasses; it was a bit difficult to hear James speak amidst the chatter. I was given a small bottle of Grand Merlot 2006 to take home to drink for investment. Thank you David, for the invitation. Read about Vineyards Direct if you would like to invest or find out more about wine investment. Asking me would be as good as asking a duck to do a catwalk.

Yay! :)

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