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When Mayanne sent me the itinerary for my Club Med Cherating trip, I wondered if it was going to be a holiday or a bootcamp. Archery, jungle trekking and treetop were not in the list of “things I love doing”. But I ended up enjoying them all, especially the treetop activity. That was on Day 2.

Mayanne & Edward

LOL Kenn!!

Kenn & Eiling

John and his muscles, un-flexed. Fuyoh!!

Kenn, Eiling, John and I took it easy on Day 3. I was feeling a bit groggy after quite a number of drinks the night before. But while waiting for my egg omelette at the cooking station, my eyeballs nearly popped out of my eye-sockets. Fine, I’m being drama. But my jaw did drop.

This chick from China waltzed into the buffet area wearing nothing but a cropped jacket, ridiculously short black pants and bright red heels. No coffee was needed; that woke me up. I couldn’t focus on my breakfast that morning. Not even on my large egg omelette with bacon, ham, mushrooms and extra cheese. My eyes were glued to her perky bottom.

Snapshots on the way to the beach

Enough pervy talk. After breakfast and an eye feast, we went to the beach to hopefully get a tan. Also, Eiling wanted to do some kayaking. We missed the train by 2 minutes and ended up walking to the beach. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t sunny that day so I didn’t get the tan I wanted.

Poser max! :P

Myself, Aiko and Eiling

While Eiling and John did kayaking, Kenn and I drank as much Monkey Juice as our bladders could take. And Kenn thought the bartender/G.O Aiko was cute. I agreed. :)

Round 1 – Japanese chicken curry, mac ‘n’ cheese, siew mai & roast chicken

Round 2

After 2-3 hours of non-productive tanning, it was time to stuff our faces again at the lunch buffet. From the heaping spoonful on my plate, it’s easy to tell I was hooked on the Japanese chicken curry. We had 45 minutes to freshen up before the press conference at The Lounge.

Eiling and I with Laurent

I have a rather short attention span, and would usually end up dozing off at press conferences/lectures. But they kept the press conference short, simple and interesting. Besides that, I was keen on the other Club Med vacations available. The fiance wants to go to Club Med Maldives for our honeymoon, but I’m thinking of Club Med Mauritius! What do you guys think?

We had a one-hour massage at Mandara Spa right after the press conference. So freaking good, after a hectic day of activities the day before. If only it was two hours long! Lady luck was on our side that day; it was sunny after the spa session. We parked our alcohol by the poolside and got ourselves a bit of tan.

That night, we were ushered to a cocktail reception at the Yoga Terrace. Champagne was free-flowi and snacks were aplenty. We drank and ate while listening to Laurent and Heidi Kunkel’s thank you speech. Dinner that night was at the al fresco area of Mutiara Restaurant.

Edward (top left), Mayanne (top right) and myself

Edward, Mayanne and I were separated from the Malaysian group — we sat with half the Singapore media team. If you read my post on Day 2 where I got into a friendly competition with our fellow neighbour (but still a competition nonetheless), this is karma, I tell you. Kenn, Eiling and John couldn’t stop laughing at me the whole night. Chis!!

My dessert

Mayanne had the tiramisu, which was not good either.
Dinner was unimpressive. So I decided to go to the buffet area and eat, again. And I wasn’t the only one who did that; half the the people at the media dinner did the same thing. So don’t judge me. Kekeke…

Taken from the buffet section

Cheeky after a few drinks. My top is from Peep Boutique, btw.

l-r: Myself, John, Mayanne & Kenn

It poured that night, so the beach party was canceled. Instead, we all hung around the lounge drinking and chatting away. And by 11pm, we went for a dip in the pool. While the others went back to sleep, Kenn, John and I parked more drinks by the pool, talked and drank ourselves silly.

Compliments of Club Med Cherating

The next morning, we checked out after breakfast. When I got to my room, I saw a thank you note and a bar of valrhona chocolate on my bed. Talk about hospitality! I left Club Med Cherating feeling happier and more energized. Such a nice trip after months of stress at work. Thank you Edward and Mayanne, for extending the invite to me and for your fun company. Catch up for drinks/food soon!

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