Home Charity Myanmar Kids’ Skytrex Outing

The Rotaract Club, Subang will be taking the Myanmar children for a Skytrex outing next Saturday (March 12, 2011). There will be an estimate of 30-35 children, 15 of them are below 8 years old. If I’m not mistaken, there are currently enough volunteers for this outing. But please do not hesitate to contact Sanjeev if you’re keen on helping out – he’ll arrange for something.

We were thinking of feeding the children light snacks such as curry puffs, kuih, sandwiches or buns before letting them go on the Skytrex. Heavy food such as rice or noodles might not be such a good idea, as these kids get nauseous rather quickly — trust me, Sanjeev, Christy and the rest of the volunteers. The younger kids will be having a picnic/colouring session while waiting for the older kids to be done.

They will all be given nasi lemak/fried rice AFTER the Skytrex. If any of you would like to contribute some food, books, stationary, etc, let either Sanjeev or myself know. :)


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