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Pink October – Be A Pink Messenger

by Bangsar Babe

Dressed in pink...in support of Pink October! :)

Breast cancer. It’s the most common cancer among Malaysian women — 1 in 20 woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. What is scarier, is the fact that women above the age of 20 are already at risk. But with early detection, women can continue to live long, healthy and normal lives.

AZORIAS has teamed up with BCWA (Breast Cancer Welfare Association) to raise more awareness via the Pink Messenger campaign. This campaign aims to spread three simple messages to women:

1) Breast Self-Check once a month at age 18 years and above

2) Clinical Breast Exam once a year at 25 years and above

3) Mammogram once a year at 40 years and above

AZORIAS is also running a contest for Pink October — wear something pink and post the picture on AZORIAS’ Facebook wall with this tagline: I’m wearing pink today, what about you? I support Pink October.   Those who posts will get a 10% discount voucher, and at the end of the month, AZORIAS will pick a favourite picture, and the winner gets one PINK outfit of her choice!

Here’s my effort in going pink. And I managed to get rif to wear pink too. :) Be a Pink Messenger today and help save lives!

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