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June 17, 2011

The XtraMile Run (Day 1)

Here’s a recap of what happened at the XtraMile Run earlier (June 17, 2011):

Warm-up exercise

6pm: The runners, sponsors, media and volunteers gathered at Putrajaya for the kickoff of the XtraMile Run.

A quick picture with Alex before he ran. I didn’t participate in the run as I was assigned to update people about what’s happening via twitter, facebook and blog. It was also good for me, since I can barely finish 5km without wanting to die. LOL

Brigette, one of the emcees

6.30pm: And they’re off!

8pm: Sunway Pyramid

The volunteers gathered in Sunway Pyramid to wait for Alex and other runners to arrive.

Mark your shoe print on the XtraMile Run banner!

Putting my shoe print down

Thank you Rudran, for helping me take these pictures!

Got shoppers and curious by-passers to participate in some activities and pledge to the cause. 10 minutes before Alex’s arrival, candles were lit as an encouragement for him to keep going.

10.15pm: Alex reached Sunway Pyramid after successfully completing the first 30km.

A short interview session, and he’s off to Dream Village in Glenmarie, Shah Alam!


4 Responses

  1. Chester Khuan

    5KM ? I'm not sure if I can survive 1KM. The only time I ran is when I'm late for class. hahaha

  2. basalt1984

    Wait you mean he ran somemore to Glenmarie?Whoa

  3. Michelle Chin

    i can shop for 5km. period.

  4. Bangsar-bAbE

    Michelle – LOL. You're better than me. I can't shop for nuts.

    basalt1984 Not only that. He ran non-stop for 16 hours. He did 100km!!

    Chester – 100km yo!!

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