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I always thought fine dining meant big white plates, and tiny food. Whenever someone suggests dinner at a fine-dining restaurant, I’m often mentally prepared to expect small food. However, I was forced to rethink my stance on fine dining after having the Sunday Brunch at il Lido last weekend. “Here you go,” said my waiter, as he pulled my chair out for me.

Once rif and I were comfortably seated, we informed the waiter that we were there for their brunch – RM88 (without Lambrusco), and RM168 (with Lambrusco Rosato wine). He nodded with a smile, left our table and came back with some warm focaccia bread and a glass of wine for me. rif doesn’t drink much, so the non-alcoholic brunch was perfect for him.The decor was kept simple, with white table cloths, sleek black chairs and elegant centrepieces. I found this place more romantic than business-like. Just as I was thinking that, a young couple walked into the restaurant and sat at a quiet corner presumably for the same Sunday Brunch.

Private rooms are available for group dining / meetings / functions

The focaccia was fragrant from the olive oil and herbs, and I greedily said yes when my waiter offered me another slice. Amuse bouche was a lightly seared tuna topped with caviar.

For RM88, you get a selection of Italian Antipasti, a main course and a selection of Italian Desserts, with an Amuse Bouche at the beginning and coffee or tea, with Petit Four at the end of the meal. Pretty sweet deal.The crab salad was accompanied by avocado and bisque jelly – nice to look at, good to eat. Well-paired with the avocado puree and bisque jelly. Parmigiana was a delicious combination of eggplant slices, thick tomato sauce and cheese. While the flavours were rich, it didn’t feel heavy on the palate. The creamy tuna sauce complemented the savoury taste of the pork loin, and the peppercorn gave it a bit of zing. Fried calamari had a thin, translucent batter that was light and moreish; and the accompanying sauce was adequately piquant. The Tagliolini was perfectly al dente, dressed in a hearty tomatoes coulisse and topped with crab flesh. rif liked this, but I preferred the risotto. Risotto with Braised Pork Shank and Wild Mushroom was beautifully done – the simple, earthy flavours of the mushrooms and tender pork shank gave a comforting touch to the risotto. The risotto was perfectly creamy and tender.

Since Lyla dined with us, we got to try all three of the main courses offered in the brunch menu. They rotate the menus regularly, so you might see different dishes each time you go.

Pan Roasted Atlantic Cod with Sautéed Spinach and Red Wine Sauce

The cod had a crisp exterior, balanced by a moist and tender centre. Flavours were kept simple, allowing the natural flavours of the cod to shine. For someone who’s not a big fan of fish, I found this quite good.

Duck Breast with Grilled Endive and Mint Flavoured Mash Potato

Duck Breast with Grilled Endive and Mint Flavoured Mash Potato was my favourite main course that day. Thinly skirted with fat, the grilled duck breast was delicious with its juicy flavour and meaty texture. The endive (pronounced “On-Deeve”) had a smoky, grilled flavour and tasted amazing with the duck. The mash potato was buttery yet fluffy and deeply satisfying.

‘Milanese’ Breaded Pork with Rucola and Cherry Tomatoes

‘Milanese’ Breaded Pork was served on the bone, and topped with a Rucola and Cherry Tomatoes salad. Crisply fried, the pork still retained its juiciness – each bite was satisfyingly tender.Desserts were also good. The Crème Brûlée tasted like a lovely dream. Beneath the wafer-thin layer of caramelised sugar was a silky custard centre, scented with vanilla. I also enjoyed the chocolate mousse, which was very rich with a smooth texture and a subtle bitter aftertaste. The tiramisu seemed to lack alcohol (I like my tiramisu to come with plenty of alcohol), but it was creamy and light. The meal ended with a cup of cappuccino and a selection of chocolate petits fours and amaretti biscuits. Brunch was a delightful affair; the food was good, service was top notch and the company was both entertaining and enjoyable. Thank you for having us over, Lyla. And you were right – fine dining doesn’t always mean big plate, small food. I went into a mini food-induced coma an hour later!

Ambiance: 8/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 8/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: RM88 for good food and excellent service is a steal, don’t you think?

Lot 183 Jalan Mayang (opposite the Australian Embassy)
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
03 2161 2291

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